AthenaBaer's Binding Blade PME Re:Write (Submissions Closed, Patch Out)

Hello, FEU! As you can probably parse from the title, some slots have now opened back up for me, and I am in a bit of a hackin’ mood, so I think it’s just about that time to test the cobwebs, shake off the waters, and get this PME back on the road :sunglasses: Again, this isn’t meant to be a full-fledged hack or anything, but I still don’t have anything to show off for my other projects even after all this time :sweat: Regardless, I’ve also been meaning to get this account running again, so I’m opening the floodgates once more :two_hearts: Hopefully, we can get this tale written and published for the whole world to see :sparkling_heart: However, before you start makin’ your units, I’ve got some ground rules to establish to make sure this runs smoothly :heart_decoration:

  • NO FIRE EMBLEM PERSONNEL OR MEME UNITS. Slightly harsh, I know, but some of those units in the first edition were lazy and unoriginal, so I’m putting that sign down now. However, if you can somehow hide your meme in subtext (e.g., Lukas), then you should be okay.
  • ONLY ONE SUBMISSION PER PERSON PER DAY. I need to make sure this one’s heard because I want to be able to keep track of all these units, so only one submission for you. However, I am implementing a new special rule for this edition related to this one:
    • The rule for one submission per person per day still stays; HOWEVER, that is for new units. On top of your new character, you can also post one OLD character from the first edition in your post. This rule can be handy for filling up the cast quickly. It can be a playable unit or a boss unit. It doesn’t matter much to me.
  • +/- 3 for Boon and Bane, 325% GRT maximum (yes, I’m letting you be flexible this time because I was kind of strict on that last time)
    If I missed anything that you think should be a rule, please let me know :heart_hands:

And with that, I think that’s pretty much it for intro stuff :heart: You can send any units into either this thread or directly to me at “athenabaer” on Discord (new username system, by the way). With all that said, I can’t wait to see your units! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

:sparkles: Templates :sparkles:


:sparkles: Playables :sparkles:

Character Replacing:

Growth Rates:

  • HP:
  • Str/Mag:
  • Skl:
  • Spd:
  • Lck:
  • Def:
  • Res:

Inventory (up to 4 items):

:sparkles: Bosses :sparkles:

Boss Replacing:
Inventory (up to 4 items):

:sparkles: Slots Available :sparkles:


Roy - Elaine by Amema; Female Arcanist, check post 6 for details (DONE)
Marcus - Arthur by EmeraldKing; Male Warrior (DONE)
Alen - Selkie by VelvetKitsune; Female Mage (DONE)
Lance - Lithi by Dex; Female Mage (Legacy, DONE)
Wolt - Hosea by Florian; Male Cavalier (DONE)
Bors - Grant by Omnifox; Male Knight +Swords (DONE)
Merlinus - Gabriel by Omnifox; Male Shaman +Convoy (DONE)
Elen-Ray by Omnifox; Male Soldier (DONE)
Dieck - Hera by Taylor; Female Myrmidon (DONE)
Ward/Wade - Frederico by Florian; Male Shaman (DONE)
Lot - Alexia by Dex; Female Nomad (DONE)
Shanna - Jake by Thief; Male Thief (please laugh) (DONE)
Chad - Lindsey by VelvetKitsune; Male Dancer +Swords +Thief Utility (Legacy)
Lugh - Askua by EmeraldKing; Female Cleric
Clarine - Yelena originally by Taylor and resubmitted by Omnifox; Female Mage (Legacy)
Rutger - Rift by Dex; Male Wyvern Rider
Saul - Daniela by Florian; Female Wyvern Rider
Dorothy - Ajax by VelvetKitsune; Male Cavalier
Sue - Derik by Thief; Male Mercenary
Zelot - Pavitra by Taylor; Female Wyvern Lord
Trec - Kayte by Taylor; Female Wyvern Rider
Noah - Edgar by Florian; Male Pirate
Astolfo - Zeleth by Taylor; Male Mercenary
Lilina - Lisa by EmeraldKing; Female Troubadour
Barthe - Aegis by Omnifox; Male Shaman
Ogier - Bruno by Armory; Male Fighter
Gwendolyn/Wendy - Isaac by Armory; Male Archer
Fir - Zigbar by Taylor; Male Cavalier
Sin - Udin by Thief; Male Fighter
Geese - Erdene by Florian; Female Nomad
Gonzalez - Joey by EmeraldKing; Male Mercenary
Klein - Alya by Taylor; Female Paladin
Thea - Juneo by SmeargleDBZ or J.O.J.O#1299 (close friend of mine); Female Falcoknight
Larum - Barm by Omnifox; Male Armored Priest, check post 28 for details (Legacy)
Elffin - Chiara by RNGSOMEONE; Female Myrmidon
Echidna - Wraith by Duckbeard; Female Dread Fighter, check post 9 for details
Bartre - Ganon by Omnifox; ??? Wight (promoted Bonewalker, Swords/Lances) (Legacy)
Raigh - Devon by Omnifox; Male Knight
Cath - Jay by Omnifox; Male Pegasus Knight
Melady - Aurelius by Taylor; Male Knight
Perceval - Sagumoto by Dex; Male Swordmaster
Cecilia - Rosa by EmeraldKing; Female Sage
Sophia - Damascus by Armory; Male Brigand
Igrene - Alaric by Taylor; Male Druid
Garret - Akasha by Taylor; Male Sage
Fae - Ted by Thief; Male Manakete
Hugh - Norn originally by Taylor and resubmitted by Omnifox; Male Manakete (Divine Dragon, Legacy)
Zeiss - Yayoi by EmeraldKing; Female Brigand
Douglas - Selka by VelvetKitsune; Female Sniper (Legacy)
Niime - Nana originally by Taylor and resubmitted by Omnifox; Female Demon Dragon (Legacy)
Juno - Niya by Thief; Female Manakete (Divine Dragon)
Dayan - Daryl by MagelordMax/MaxTUS; Male Sniper
Yoder - Margaret by RNGSOMEONE; Female Paladin
Karel - Gus by Omnifox; Male Berserker

Damas - Nigel by Petey; Male Mercenary (DONE)
Ruud - Skip Rager by Petey; Male Cavalier (DONE)
Slater - Cano by Petey; Male Mage
Erik - Aruis by Petey; Male Wyvern Rider
Dory - Dennis by EmeraldKing; Male Ax Knight, check post 49 for details
Wagner - Donald by Armory; Male Mage
Debias - Ruth by Petey; Female Pegasus Knight
Legance - Vladimir by Petey; Male Hero
Henning - Mei by RNGSOMEONE; Female Swordmaster
Scott - Fisk by Petey; Male General
Nord - Squalo by Florian; Male Paladin
Zinque - Bradford by EmeraldKing; Male Wyvern Lord
Scollan - Dunbam by EmeraldKing; Male Berserker
Orlo - Jacob by RNGSOMEONE; Male Hero
Roberts - Montana by EmeraldKing; Male Sniper
Morgan - Katie by RNGSOMEONE; Female Paladin
Ein - Hamilton by Petey; Male Paladin
Guerrero - Jacques by EmeraldKing; Male Nomadic Trooper
Flaer - Catalena by EmeraldKing; Female Swordmaster
Randy - Landsay by Petey; Female Warrior
Maggie - Clay by RNGSOMEONE; Male Sage (double post)
Rose - Lyme by RNGSOMEONE; Female Druid (double post)
Oates - Janet by RNGSOMEONE; Female Sniper
Raith - Bray by Petey; Male General
Narcian - Dwayne by Omnifox; Male General +Bows (Legacy)
Windham - Emerald by EmeraldKing; Female Druid + Esfil originally by Dex and resubmitted by EmeraldKing; Female Sage (Legacies)
Arcardo - Gordon by RNGSOMEONE; Male Wyvern Lord
Martel - Lyulf originally by VelvetKitsune and resubmitted by Omnifox; Male Druid (Legacy)
Monke - Borte by RNGSOMEONE; Female Paladin
Sigune - Jeanie by MageHero; Female Swordmaster
Kel - Fria by RNGSOMEONE; Female Valkyrie
Roartz - Huotou by VelvetKitsune; Female Hero
Tick - Spicer by Petey; Male Druid
Thoril - Kitena by Petey; Female Valkyrie
Brakul - Anton by Petey; Male Paladin
Kudoka - Ignetous by VelvetKitsune; Male Wyvern Lord (Legacy)
Marral - Carl by EmeraldKing; Male Warrior (Legacy)
Kabul - Judith by Petey; Female Nomadic Trooper
Chan - Yumiko by VelvetKitsune; Female Swordmaster (Legacy)
Murdock - Jasper by Smug_Mug; Male Sage
Galle - Oradean by Taylor; Female Paladin
Peres - Xilian by Dex; Male Great Lord (Legacy)
Zephiel - Asteraoth originally by Panque and resubmitted by EmeraldKing; Female Bishop (Legacy)
Brunnya - Almir by Omnifox; Male Wyvern Lord
Jahn - Vangelis by EmeraldKing; Male Dragon
Idunn - Grimoald by Amema; Male Tyrant, check post 20 for details + Leodetinos by Omnifox; Male King

:sparkles: Bonus Units :sparkles:


:sparkles: Bosses :sparkles:

Bytar by Petey; Male Brigand (Legacy) - spawns enemy phase turn three at the bottom of the map, check post 60 for details.
Esfil, originally by Panque and resubmitted by EmeraldKing; Female Sage (Legacy) - one of two minibosses in Ch22 alongside
Emerald by EmeraldKing; Female Druid (Legacy) - the other miniboss in Ch22

:sparkles: NPC’s :sparkles:

Dunbam by EmeraldKing; Male Berserker - one of four green units in Ch21 alongside
Sean by EmeraldKing; Male Hero - second of four green units in Ch21
Connor by EmeraldKing; Male Druid - third of four green units in Ch21
Lucifer by EmeraldKing; Male General - third of four green units in Ch21

:sparkles: Patch :sparkles:


Old girl is returning
:sparkles: Playables :sparkles:

Name: Lithi
Replaces: Lance
Class: Mage
Gender: Female
Description: A girl suffering from a deadly illness
Boon: Spd
Bane: Def

Growth Rates:

HP: 45
Str/Mag: 60
Skl: 40
Spd: 65
Lck: 70
Def: 20
Res: 25
Inventory (up to 4 items):
Lifelight (anima shine tome with devil if you are still down for her old prf)
Guiding ring
Short ending: Lithi dies shortly after the end of the war.
True ending: Lithi after the war, travels around the land helping treating peoples illnesses becoming a legendary apothecary. She died 2 years after the end of the war due to her illness. (hope this is not to long)
{TrezVG} Mieru
Remurin for the Portrait.


Name: Arthur
Character Replacing: Marcus
Class: Warrior
Gender: Male
Description: A farmer and son of Amber and Merrin was called in to help
Boon: Spd
Bane: Skl

Growth Rates:

  • HP: 40%
  • Str/Mag: 50%
  • Skl: 60%
  • Spd: 50%
  • Lck: 30%
  • Def: 30%
  • Res: 40%

Inventory (up to 4 items): Sliver Axe. Tomahawk. Poison Axe

Portrait done by LaurentLacroix
Short Ending: Ruturn back to farming.
True Ending: After the war was finally concluded. Arthur returned back to his life as farmer and as a father to his wife and his children. Yet still not wanting to become the Duke he still honored both his mothers Amber and Merrin legacies.


Name: Hera
Character Replacing: Dieck
Class: Myrmidon
Gender: Female
Description: Silent and Deadly, yet kinda flirty?
Boon: Con
Bane: Skl
Affinity: Ice

Iron Sword

FE Chun Li Alt

Portrait by GaryTop

Growth Rates: 325%

HP: 60
Str/Mag: 55
Skl: 50
Spd: 50
Lck: 0
Def: 55
Res: 55


:sparkles: Bosses :sparkles:

Name: Nigel
Boss Replacing: Damas
Class: Mercenary
Gender: Male
Description: Leader of the Lycian Bandits
Boon: Res
Bane: HO
Inventory (up to 4 items): Steel Sword. Vulnerary
{MegaCowsamMan} F2U OC 16
Portrait by MegaCowsamMan
Battle Quote You damn fools can’t do anything right! Fine then, let me show what a true bandit is like!
Death Quote No… damn you… damn all of you…


(portrait by Flasuban with parts by Nickt and MK404)
Name: Elaine
Character Replacing: Roy
Class: Arcanist (Uses Light and Dark) Promotes to Wizard (uses all four magic types)
Gender: F
Description: A hot-blooded mage of humble birth.
Boon: Mag
Bane: Spd

Growth Rates:

  • HP: 60
  • Mag: 55
  • Skl: 50
  • Spd: 30
  • Lck: 30
  • Def: 45
  • Res: 55

Inventory (up to 4 items): Lightning, Flux, Vulnerary


This sounds fun, so I will give it a try.

Name: Hosea.
Character Replacing: Wolt.
Class: Cavalier.
Gender: Male
Description: A laid-back cavalier from Pherae.
Boon: Resistance.
Bane: Defense.
Affinity: Ice.

Growth Rates:

  • HP: 60%
  • Str/Mag: 40%
  • Skl: 35%
  • Spd: 50%
  • Lck: 30%
  • Def: 20%
  • Res: 45%

Inventory (up to 4 items):
Iron Sword.
Iron Lance.

DerTheVaporeon - Red Ephraim
Credits: DerTheVaporeon.

I can make his palette later when I have free time if you want to.


Wah, zombie!!
…i might do repeats at some point but for now a newbie.

Name: Selkie
Character Replacing: Alen
Class: Mage
Gender: Female
Description: A gifted mage of water and thunder, don’t ask about her skin or ears.
Boon: SKL
Bane: RES

Growth Rates:

HP: 60
Str/Mag: 45
Skl: 70
Spd: 45
Lck: 35
Def: 40
Res: 20
Inventory (up to 4 items): (I’m guessing you’ll say no if I were to put like Fimbulvetr ahead, ahaha.)


No, not ‘that’ Selkie-- the name comes from a water spirit and a water spirit she is. My crusade for weird characters continues! …The ears are sorta personality related since generally they ‘should’ be able to choose their form shhh.
who needs christmas cavaliers when you have similar coloured mages!
…oof i forgot portrait i’ll need to dig that up.


Thought I’d give this a try

Name: Wraith
Character Replacing: Echidna
Class: Dread Fighter (Promoted, Uses Swords, Axes & Anima Magic)
Gender: F
Description: An enigma upon the battlefield. She fights only to hone her skills.
Boon: Con +3
Bane: Res -3
Weapon Ranks:
Anima C
Sword B
Axes D
Growth Rates:

  • HP: 50%
  • Str/Mag: 30%
  • Skl: 20%
  • Spd: 40%
  • Luck: 20%
  • Def: 40%
  • Res: 2%

Inventory: Thunder, Wo Dao, Iron Axe

Legault Female
(Portrait done by me)
Short Ending: Wraith disappeared after the war.
True Ending: After the war, Wraith disappeared leaving her bandana behind. However, a year later she returned to the land without her armor or bloodlust. She settled into a tutoring role for up-and-coming wizards, giving them some self-defense tips on the side.


Name: Grant
Character Replacing: Bors
Class: Knight (Uses Swords), Promotes to general lol. Also, if possible, please use Zephiel’s palette
Gender: Male
Description: Definitely not a dimensional traveler. Just here for some fun.
Boon: Def
Bane: Luck

Growth Rates:

  • HP: 60
  • Str/Mag: 50
  • Skl: 30
  • Spd: 20
  • Lck: 15
  • Def: 75
  • Res: 75

{Ghostblade} OC 4

Inventory (up to 4 items):
Iron Blade
Steel Sword

Death Quote:
G-guess I’m not so special here after all…

Bit of an edit, figured I’d go with this guy for my callback.
Returning from the original PME, Dwayne!
Decided to throw this out there, since my boy hadn’t been replaced yet.
Name: Dwayne
Boss Replacing: Narcian
Class: General (can use bows)
Gender: Male
Description: An absolute mountain of a man. Often referred to as “The Rock”
Boon: Defense
Bane: Luck
Inventory (up to 4 items):
Silver Bow
Steel Lance

Fight Quote - Memes: “Can you smell what the rock is cooking?”
Serious: “You’ll never make it past the Rock!”
Death Quote - Memes: “Grrk… Guess I’ll… Retire.”
Serious: “To break through my defenses… Impressive!”
Edit: Forgot the Portrait -


:sparkles: Bosses :sparkles:

Name: Skip Rager
Boss Replacing: Ruud
Class: Cavalier
Gender: Male
Description: Commander of the local Militia
Boon: Spd
Bane: Res
Inventory (up to 4 items): Steel Sword. Spear
Portrait by JeyTheCount
Battle Quote: Impossible! You bested my men?! No matter, i shall dispose you filthy vermin myself!
Death Quote: Beaten… by a bunch… of filth…


Name: Frederico.
Character Replacing: Wade/Ward.
Class: Shaman.
Gender: Male.
Description: A mercenary working under Hera. Is a little overprepared.
Boon: Skill.
Bane: Luck.
Affinity: Fire.

Growth Rates:

  • HP: 55%
  • Str/Mag: 45%
  • Skl: 65%
  • Spd: 50%
  • Lck: 35%
  • Def: 20%
  • Res: 30%

Inventory (up to 4 items):

Tom776 - Shaman 1
Credits: Tom776.

Is it fine if characters have connections with each other? Should I also write endings and death quotes for them too?


:sparkles: Bosses :sparkles:
Name: Jasper
Boss Replacing: Murdock
Class: Sage
Gender: Male
Description: A Sage who comes from parts unknown. Claims his father was a famous tactician.
Boon: Luck
Bane: HP
Inventory (up to 4 items): Aircalibur, Bolting, Berserk, White Gem
enemy tactician
Portrait by Me
Battle Quote: You think you can face me? Ahaha, that’s hilarious… Now die!
Death Quote You can’t… this isn’t… how…


:sparkles: Playables :sparkles:

Name: Asuka
Character Replacing: Lugh
Class: Cleric
Gender: Female
Description: A villager cleric from Araphen
Boon: Mag
Bane: HP

Growth Rates:

  • HP: 40%
  • Str/Mag: 70%
  • Skl: 30%
  • Spd: 30%
  • Lck: 50%
  • Def: 30%
  • Res: 60%

Inventory (up to 4 items): Heal. Mend. Sleep. Vulnerary
Portrait done by Blade
Short Ending: Return home.
True Ending: Once the long conflict finally reaches a conclusion Asuka returns back home to her village in Araphen territory. The people of the village welcome Asuka back with open arms and was given the title The Silver Angel of Araphen.


Name: Jeanie
Boss Replacing: Sigune
Class: Swordmaster
Gender: Female
Description: An extremely powerful djinn. You really should’ve gone to Sacae.
Boon: HP
Bane: Resistance
Inventory (up to 4 items): Runesword (can now crit, unbreakable), Elixir, Elixir, Elixir

by GenericPretsel

Battle quote (meme-ish): HAHAHAHA! I bet that you wish you trained [Sue replacement] and [Sin replacement] right now! Too bad!

Battle quote (serious-ish): You’re totally wishing you had gone to Sacae instead am I right? Well your’re stuck with me now, so I guess you followed the wrong path…

Death quote (meme-ish): My… final… wish… is for every character to be removed from the party… (it actually removes them at chapter end for the fun of it, and Chapter 20A starts with only Jeanie and Elaine)

Death quote (serious-ish): Guh… well done… beating me is no easy feat…

Meme version details

HP: 60%
Str: 45%
Skl: 35%
Spd: 35%
Lck: 100%
Def: 25%
Res: 25%

Affinity: Dark

Short ending: fell off
Long ending: Jeanie decided to accompany Elaine as a traveling partner and friend in her later pursuits. Jeanie’s strength did eventually lose its potency, but without a need to fight, she took the loss in stride, knowing that she rid the world of cringy OCs.


Name: Damascus
Character Replacing: Sophia
Class: Brigand
Gender: Male
Affin: Thunder
Description: A scavenger from Arcadia.
Boon: Spd
Bane: Res

Growth Rates:

  • HP: 80%
  • Str/Mag: 65%
  • Skl: 50%
  • Spd: 65%
  • Lck: 30%
  • Def: 20%
  • Res: 15%

Inventory (up to 4 items): Dragon Axe, Hand Axe, Elixir

MR BEAST (or boar)
Portrait by amema003 with parts by Garytop

Edit: Included his new affinity, and thanks for the likes this guy seems popular lol.


Just coming in to help answer some questions for you all:

Of course, homeslice :sunglasses::sparkling_heart: Probably won’t add it in just yet since I want to get the characters in and working first, but going to, mainly cause I fuckin’ love that tome, and it’s genuinely one of my faves >v< :two_hearts:

I mean, Emerald put a dam Sleep staff on Asuka, and that’s a B-rank staff, so honestly, queen, go for it :sparkling_heart: Plus, it would be hilarious :laughing:

I mean, everything here’s pretty much fair game :heart: And if you want to write endings and death quotes, go right ahead :revolving_hearts:

And finally, I want to remind you all of this rule:

The only person to make use of this was Omnifox, which kind of sucks considering some of these new units I’m not the biggest fan of myself :mending_heart: Not naming names because that would be rude. But giving it the benefit of the doubt, these are the first posts. I won’t hold it over your head, but you still have the opportunity to if you want to :two_hearts:


Got it, thanks.


Old fam returning with a slight rewrite
:sparkles: Bosses :sparkles:

Boss Replacing: Peres
Class: Great Lord
Gender: M
Description: The Guardian of the binding blade. The final test
Boon: Spd
Bane: Hp
Inventory (up to 4 items):
Binding Blade
Its_Just_Jay F2E 15
Credits to it’s_just_jay
Boss quote: I’m here to test your courage, resolve and bonds. If you don’t value your life then step down and leave.
Death quote: You bested me… take the blade and finish what I couldn’t…

I’m working on a new character as well


(kanna) insert antag here
(Portrait by Kanna)
Name: Grimoald
Boss Replacing: Idunn
Class: Tyrant (Armor unit, uses swords and lances)
Gender: M
Description: The ruler of [INSERT NATION HERE]
Boon: Def
Bane: Res
Inventory (up to 4 items): Eckesachs (or a new exclusive sword), Spear