AthenaBaer's Binding Blade PME (Canceled)

Hello, FEU! As you can probably parse from the title, I’m in a bit of a hackin’ mood, and what better way to create a quick-and-easy project than by starting up a PME? Yes, I know this isn’t a full-fledged hack, but I don’t have anything to show for any projects I’ve got in the works (and most likely won’t for a long while). But I want to make something for you to tide you over so that this account isn’t essentially dead :two_hearts:. So, yeah, I’m opening up the floodgates, and hopefully, we can make a cool hack together :sparkling_heart: Same deal as with any PME; one submission per person per day, yatta yatta, +/- 3 in any stat of your choosing, yatta yatta, 300% GRT, the works. You can send any units in this thread or directly to me at AthenaBaer#3809 on Discord. Anyways, with that out of the way, here are the templates. I can’t wait to see your units! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

:sparkles: Patch :sparkles:


:sparkles: Playables :sparkles:

Character Replacing:

Growth Rates:

  • HP:
  • Str/Mag:
  • Skl:
  • Spd:
  • Lck:
  • Def:
  • Res:

Inventory (up to 4 items):

:sparkles: Bosses :sparkles:

Boss Replacing:
Inventory (up to 4 items):

:sparkles: Slots Available :sparkles:


Roy - Alto by Bwan; Male Mercenary/Lord, might be named Scion or something
Marcus - Selka by VelvetKitsune; Female Sniper
Alen - Al by Taylor; Male Shaman
Lance - Lithi by Dex; Female Mage
Wolt - Dogrina by CrimZun; Female Thief
Bors - Haldrik by Taylor; Male Manakete
Merlinus - “Mr. Moustache”/Redbeard by Duke_of_Potatoes; Male Transporter
Elen - Laresta by Taylor; Female Cleric
Dieck - Zainia by Taylor; Female Wyvern Rider
Ward/Wade - Kilek by UltraxBlade; Male Brigand
Lot - Jingyi by VelvetKitsune; Female Troubadour
Shanna - Rinne by UnitedStars; Female Archer
Chad - Lindsey by VelvetKitsune; Male Dancer
Lugh - Ijin by franz#0529; Male Cavalier
Clarine - Yelena by Taylor; Female Mage
Rutger - Rutger by MagelordMax/MaxTUS; Male Knight, check post 66 for more details
Saul - Angel by EmeraldKing; Female Nomad
Dorothy - Lucy by EmeraldKing; Female Soldier
Sue - Tenac by franz#0529; Male Fighter
Zelot - Shinada by Freefall; Male Swordmaster
Trec - Sorez by franz#0529; Male Soldier
Noah - Rothean by Bwan; Female Peg Knight
Astolfo/Astore - Caline by MagelordMax/MaxTUS; Female Myrmidon
Lilina - Vhass by Bwan; Male Shaman
Barthe - Aveneir by Taylor; Male Mercenary
Ogier - Uriel by Taylor; Female Knight
Gwendolyn - Erik by Taylor; Male Cavalier
Fir - Gheb by Emperor_Arden - Male Fighter, might replace him with someone entirely new later.
Sin - Solaris by Panque; Male Peg Knight
Geese - Victor by Freefall; Male Cavalier
Gonzalez - Quixote by Placeholder#5590; Male Cavalier
Klein - Viginti VII (just Viginti in-game) by UltraxBlade; Male Sage
Thea - Hakem by franz#0529; Male Mercenary
Larum - Barm by Omnifox; Male Armored Priest
Elffin - Layla by EmeraldKing; Female Cleric
Echidna - Mist by Panque; Female Swordmaster
Bartre - Ganon by Omnifox; ??? Bonewalker/Wight (promoted form, Swords + Lances)
Raigh - Theodore by Freefall; Male Mage
Cath; Pubert by EmeraldKing; Male Spider Rider, check post 114 for more details.
Melady - Meman by MageHero; Male Cavalier
Perceval - Aren by MageHero; Male Wyvern Lord
Cecilia - Hilka by Freefall; Female Sage
Sophia - Lukas by UltraxBlade; Male Thief
Igrene - Maison by VelvetKitsune; Male Paladin
Garret - Magorn by Emperor_Arden - Male Wyvern Lord, might replace him with someone entirely new later.
Fae - Eva by Petey; Female Valkyrie
Hugh - Norn by Taylor; Male Manakete
Zeiss - Max by MagelordMax/MaxTUS; Male Mage
Douglas - Arden by Emperor_Arden; Male Baron/General +Swords +Bows, might replace him with someone entirely new later
Niime - Nana by Taylor; Female Demon Dragon
Juno - Gordon by UnitedStars; Male Hero
Dayan - Rena by VelvetKitsune; Female Bishop
Yoder - Milly by VelvetKitsune; Female Nomadic Trooper
Karel - Lionheart by MageHero; Male General +Swords +Bows

Damas - Ianto by VelvetKitsune; Male Myrmidon, also playable from Chapter 2. Check post 48 for more details.
Ruud - Bytar by Petey; Male Brigand
Slater - Suzuran by EmeraldKing; Female Cavalier
Erik - Lasha by Petey; Male Knight
Dory - Kane by Taylor; Male Myrmidon
Wagner - Uthra by Taylor - Female Bishop, might change her class later, contemplating Archer instead
Debias - Onrya by Taylor; Female Mage
Legance - Ronhilda by Taylor; Female Paladin
Henning - Dexia by Taylor; Female Berserker
Scott - Richard by VelvetKitsune; Male Swordmaster
Nord - Reginald by EmeraldKing; Male Bishop
Zinque - Tobias by EmeraldKing; Male Wyvern Lord
Scollan - Damon by EmeraldKing; Male Mercenary
Orlo - Verona by EmeraldKing; Female Valkyrie
Roberts - Davin by EmeraldKing; Male General
Morgan - Chokun by Petey; Male Sage
Ein - Linda by EmeraldKing; Female Spider Hybrid. Check post 185 for more details.
Guerrero - Snappa by Petey; Male Paladin
Flaer - Komachi by EmeraldKing; Female Warrior
Randy - Götz by MagelordMax/MaxTUS; Male General
Maggie - Steiner by Emperor_Arden; Male General
Rose - Brock by EmeraldKing; Male General
Oates - Alice by VelvetKitsune; Female Druid
Raith - Irwin by Petey; Male General
Narcian - Dwayne by Omnifox; Male General +Bows
Windham - Mezmo by Petey; Male Berserker
Arcardo - Krux by EmeraldKing; Male General +Bows
Martel - Lyulf by VelvetKitsune; Male Druid
Monke - Lirin by RNGSOMEONE; Female Swordmaster
Sigune - Brave by Emperor_Arden; Male General
Kel - Ren by EmeraldKing; Male Hero
Roartz - Wenzel by EmeraldKing; Male Grand Paladin/Paladin +Bows
Tick - Agnes by Emperor_Arden; Female Sage
Thoril - Yukari by EmeraldKing; Female Druid
Brakul - Carl by EmeraldKing; Male Warrior
Kudoka - Ignetous by VelvetKitsune; Male Wyvern Lord
Marral - Ariyoshi by EmeraldKing; Male Great Lord
Kabul - Mira by MageHero; Female Sniper
Chan - Yumiko by VelvetKitsune; Female Swordmaster
Murdock - Esfil by Dex; Female Sage
Galle - Miyabi by EmeraldKing; Female Falcoknight
Peres - Xilian by Dex; Male Great Lord
Zephiel - Asteraoth by Panque; Female Bishop, possible High Bishop custom class later on.
Brunnya - Lucifer by MageHero; Male Hero +Lances
Jahn - Belzebul by MageHero; Female Swordmaster
Idunn - Emerald by EmeraldKing; Demon Queen, check post 44 for more details

:sparkles: Extra Units :sparkles:


:sparkles: Playables :sparkles:

Ianto by VelvetKitsune - Male Myrmidon, appears in Chapter 2 alongside Zainia and her squad, built off of Wade. Check post 48 for more details.
Shulia by Placeholder#5590; Female Troubadour, appears in Chapter ___, built off of Shanna
Yumiko by VelvetKitsune - Female Swordmaster, appears in Chapter 21, built off of ___. Check posts 137 and below for more details.
Anna by Emperor_Arden. Female Paladin appears sometime circa Chapter 20, built off of ___

:sparkles: Bosses :sparkles:

Emerald by EmeraldKing. Female Druid appears in Chapter 13 as a mini-boss. Check posts 49 and below for more details.

Chapter 24 “Illusions”/“Deadlords” aka the bosses who sit on the thrones (in order: Wenzel, Dwayne, Miyabi, Lucifer, Esfil, Asteraoth)


First thing I wanna do is give a heads up on telling you, be careful with fe6 hacking, you can easily break a rom if you don’t know what you shouldn’t do, f.e. just expanding the class roster. Anyway:
:sparkles: Playables :sparkles:

Name: Lithi
Replaces: Lance
Class: Mage
Gender: Female
Description: A girl suffering from a deadly illness
Boon: Spd
Bane: Def

Growth Rates:

HP: 35
Str/Mag: 60
Skl: 35
Spd: 65
Lck: 65
Def: 15
Res: 25
Inventory (up to 4 items):
Guiding ring(promotional items in fe6 are very limited im just adding 1 to the pool with that)
Short ending: Lithi dies shortly after the end of the war.
True ending: Lithi after the war, travels around the land helping treating peoples illnesses becoming a legendary apothecary. She died 2 years after the end of the war due to her illness. (hope this is not to long)
Kanna F2E OC 1
Kanna for the Portrait.

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Thanks for the heads-up :heart:

I have one quick question: Who does Lithi here replace? (I probably should’ve put that in the template itself, lol)

:sparkles: Playables :sparkles:

Name: Alto
Class: Mercenary
Gender: Male
Description: " Scion of a fallen noble family on a quest to redeem his house."
Boon: Str
Bane: Hp

Growth Rates:
HP: 65%
Str/Mag: 55%
Skl: 40%
Spd: 45%
Lck: 30%
Def: 50%
Res: 15%

Iron Blade
Steel Sword

Replaces Roy
(I’ll send the mug and palette later on Discord)

Good luck on the PME!

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Ooh fun, another one. Is it alright if I tentatively steal Marcus? Figuring out who could be fun as a new ‘Jeigan’, hehehe.

Edit 2:
Name: Selka
Character Replacing: Marcus
Class: Sniper
Gender: Female
Description: A Sniper missing an eye? How’s she shoot so decently?
Boon: Skill
Bane: HP

Growth Rates:

HP: 50
Str/Mag: 45
Skl: 55
Spd: 40
Lck: 40
Def: 30
Res: 40

Steel Bow



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You may :heart: Kinda hyped now tbh >v<

Name: Angel
Character Replacing: Saul
Class: Nomad
Gender: Female
Description: A happy spirit traveling tribe woman
Boon: Spd
Bane: Def

Growth Rates:

  • HP: 50%
  • Str/Mag: 50%
  • Skl: 40%
  • Spd: 50%
  • Lck: 30%
  • Def: 25%
  • Res: 55%

Inventory (up to 4 items): Steel Bow, Short Bow, Vulnerary

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I edited my post

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Edited my post up with three random people who could be fun, hehehe, hardly see Sniper Jeigans so two of those as potentials.

Those are pretty cool ideas for your units :two_hearts: Though, in my opinion, Maison is just Marcus but edgier, which doesn’t make him feel too unique. Milly is also a fun unit, but I feel like she might be too crooked to bring into the later parts of the game, especially since (at least at the moment) effective bows against other classes don’t exist in FE6. So if it’s okay with you, I’ll pick Selka because she might be better at doing her job of weakening strong enemies in the early game of Hard Mode for the scrubs to mop up :heart:

Maison’s a bit of a weird one since when I originally used him he had a unique weapon that was sorta a Nosferatu-Rapier-Killing Edge abomination. But having Rapier use and a Rune Sword at the start of the game in addition to the killing edge may’ve been a bit much, hehehe.
If you’re doing anything with personality just think of Selka as an angry Scottish woman and you’ve basically got her. Aaaand post with portrait added as well as tossing the other two for now just to keep it cleaner.

:sparkles: Playables :sparkles:

Name: Mr. Moustache
Character Replacing: merlinus
Class: transporter
Gender: Male
Description: a businessman with facial hair. It is fear throughout the lands
Boon: hp
Bane: skl

Growth Rates:

HP: 50
Inventory (up to 4 items):
Sme - Dorzla

Credit to Sme for the portrait


Character Replacing: Raigh
Description: A prodigy separated from his allies searching for a way back
Bane: Res

Growth Rates:

  • HP: 35
  • Str/Mag:45
  • Skl:60
  • Spd:35
  • Lck:10
  • Def:15
  • Res:100

Inventory (up to 4 items):
-Guiding ring( since hes level 10 but If you dont want to have promo items on characters put a vulnerary)
mask three 6

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Name: Al

Character Replacing: Alen
Class: Shaman
Gender: Male
Description: From a big family in Bern. This one decided to opt with magic despite his siblings protest
Boon: Con
Bane: Res

Growth Rates:

HP: 60
Str/Mag: 50
Skl: 50
Spd: 50
Lck: 40
Def: 40
Inventory (up to 4 items):

Death Quote: I should’ve stayed in bern…

Portrait made by CanDy

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Hmm, this is an intriguing unit you have here :thinking: Not complaining, of course; I think he’s quite a funny fellow :two_hearts: (though I did rename him to Redbeard because “Mr. Moustache” is just a bit too memey for my tastes if that’s okay with you :heart:)

One thing, though: His growths add up to 260%. Just fix that, and Mr. Moustache is ready to go :sparkling_heart:

My bad. Thanks. Also your free to rename him Redbeard if you want

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Name: Aren
Character Replacing: Perceval
Class: Wyvern Lord
Gender: Male
Description: An enigmatic but powerful wyvern rider. Looking for a challenging fight.
Boon: Defense
Bane: Luck

Growth Rates:

  • HP: 65%
  • Str/Mag: 35%
  • Skl: 45%
  • Spd: 30%
  • Lck: 15%
  • Def: 40%
  • Res: 50%

Inventory (up to 4 items): Runesword, Killer Lance, Delphi Shield, Elixir

Portrait by LaurentLaicrox

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Name: Haldrik
Character Replacing: Bors
Class: Manakete (flame dragon)
Gender: Male
Description: A manakete hailing from bern. Is in search for one of his sisters
Boon: Speed
Bane: Res
Portrait Editor Fire Emblem - The Sacred Stones Master Quest.gba_107@6B _0182B7F0

Growth Rates:

HP: 60%
Str/Mag: 50 %
Skl: 40%
Spd: 50%
Lck: 50%
Def: 10%
Res: 40%

Fire Stone
Body Ring

Death Quote: I wish you luck Uriel…

Portrait made by helix0981

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Name: Magorn
Character Replacing: Garret
Class: Wyvern lord
Gender: Male
Description: Effective against mounted units.
Boon: Spd
Bane: Hp

Growth Rates:

  • HP: 40
  • Str/Mag: 30
  • Skl: 45
  • Spd: 60
  • Lck: 30
  • Def: 70
  • Res: 25
    if you can, give him an infinite use horseslayer. also, if your looking for an item that is not used/ not writing over anything, use the unused bridge key for your first item.
    EDIT: it is exactly 5:00 now where I live.
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The Firestone is already unbreakable in this game, so you are covered :sparkling_heart:

@emperor_arden That I can do, and I’ll add it in by tomorrow :heart: