Athena and Taylor's Binding Blade PME aka "The Cherry Chainsaw Edition"

I’d say for now, since both me and Taylor are unexperienced in creating new maps, sadly we probably won’t. Additionally, since FE6 is the most unstable of the GBA trilogy, at the very least I’m not sure how that’d be possible :mending_heart:


I’d air on no, because I’m sure some people would like to have their oc in one of those spots when they get scarce enough. I’m not Athena or Taylor, though, so idk

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Yeah, cause I mean, the joke is funny, but considering it takes up three slots in one submission, I’d probably also air on No. Mayyybe we could add a couple of bonus slots for the other two in that trio, but we’ll have to see. Taylor’s already busy as hell as is, and I don’t want to add any unnecessary stress for them wherever possible (unless I take over at some point, then it could be on the cards, but no guarantees; hell, I’m still hard at work on a new update to my remake of Taylor’s first PME too, so we’re both just workaholics I guess :upside_down_face:) :two_hearts:

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Okay. I edited my submission accordingly.



The durability of all usable legendary weapons are set to 50.

Support point gain rate is multiplied by 10.


One more playable unit lol.
(Update: I saw the message at the OP, and you’re right. He would indeed look better as a Hero! I’ve reworked the submission so now Beowulf’s that class, if it’s alright to still make changes)

Name: Beowulf
Character Replacing: Yoder
Class: Hero
Gender: Male
Affinity: Light

{Goldblitzx} F2U OC 14
(by Goldblitzx)
{Goldblitzx} F2U OC 14 - FE6
(FE6-style edit by myself)

Boon: HP
Bane: Res

Growth Rates (Totals 235%):

  • HP: 50
  • Str: 30
  • Skl: 45
  • Spd: 45
  • Lck: 30
  • Def: 20
  • Res: 15

War veteran in service of the church.
Has a personal grudge with Storm-Wrath.

Death Quote:
What a mistake… Miss Ellie…
It’s up to you now…

Weapon Ranks:


  • Brave Sword
  • Tomahawk
  • (The legendary weapon from the route the player didn’t go to - same as vanilla)
  • Saint’s Staff (Also same as vanilla)


Is it all right to reduce his joining level from 20 to either 15 or 17?
So he can still gain experience and level up, to be still fun to fight with.


Course, shouldn’t be a issue at all.



Name: H
Boss Replacing: Idunn
Class: Unspeakable (Replaces Demon Dragon)
Gender: Male
Description: The King in Yellow, responsible for transmutating Elibe’s reality and its inhabitants.
Boon(s): SPD, SPD
Bane: LCK
Inventory: Yellow Sign (Replaces Dark Breath)
{Celice} Monster 2
by Celice
Yellow Sign: Mt: 20 Hit: 150 Wt: 0 Crit: 10, Unbreakable, Brave effect. Grants +10 to all stats. Range: 1-3. Eff: Mounted.

Death Quote:
Another time. Another continent. All life shall graze the path I have set, for I am but a humble shepard.

Str/Mag: 40, Skl: 40, Spd: 40, Luck: 40, Def: 40, Res: 40

Note: Unspeakable uses Dark Druid animations and map sprites.


Getting some massive fear and hunger vibes.


Yes its fear and hunger 2 termina from one of the endings im shocked they didnt add swords because the yellow king uses magic and swords like a trickster


Hastur, Hastur, Hastur.


Have you found the yellow sign?

I think is more of a reference to the original “Yellow King”, rather than Kaiser


Alright, I’ve actually got a few other questions, is there any rules for Fae? Can the new character inherit her growth total? Is she locked to being a dragon?
Edit: Speaking of Fae if ya’ll don’t want to make the Manaketes absolute jokes in the lategame, I suggest giving them 1-2 range so they aren’t laughably easy to beat.


By ZessDynamite

Name: Lea
Character Replacing: Niime
Class: Manakete (Fire Dragon)
Gender: Female
Affinity: Light
Description: A wise woman of an ancient time. Has seemingly existed for millennia.
Boon(s): Res 2x
Bane(s): Magic, HP

Growth Rates:

  • HP: 105%
  • Str/Mag: 55%
  • Skl: 25%
  • Spd: 35%
  • Lck: 15%
  • Def: 35%
  • Res: 15%

Weapon Ranks: A Staves (Yes that’s right, she’s keeping her staff rank (I’ll explain this in a bit, don’t worry), you’re not mistaken)
Inventory (up to 4 items): Firestone, Torch (Staff), Physic, Elixir

Death Quote: “H-how…? I-Impossible… It’s not p-possible for me to…”


  • It seems that it’s alright to change a character’s level, so if it’s good I’ll change her level to 1.

You’re probably itching to hear what the heck I’m doing with this, but I think in this case it would make more sense to explain the game mechanics that I’ve decided to choose, first.

Game Mechanics:

  • Manaketes (Fire Dragons) now have the properties of flight, they can go over any terrain but they don’t get avoid, defense, or res. The only changes are that Manaketes still get the usual bonuses from Gates/Thrones, and they don’t suffer from flying effectiveness weapons. This change only impacts two chapters with enemy Manaketes in any noticeable way, meanwhile the bonuses to Gates/Thrones is just there so that Chapter 23 still has Manaketes with bonuses on the seize points.
  • Manaketes (Fire Dragons) now have a “Relative Power” value of 1. This is effectively useless when it comes down to enemy difficulty, but it’ll be important for Lea.

(Now, I’m holding out hope that somebody in the future will make Firestones 1-2 range, but in the case that doesn’t end up happening, change the previous “Relative Power” game mechanic change to 1-2 range Firestones. It would be a bit of a shame, but realistically whether Lea has Relative Power 1 or 3 doesn’t matter too much.)

Thought Process:

  • Okay, so here’s the thing. The two chapters that Niime joins in are both Fog of War maps with access to ballistae, status staves, and cramped spaces. Wouldn’t these maps be so much less annoying if we had a unit that not only could soak ballista shots, but would also draw in those annoying Sleep and Silence staves, could fly over the cramped mountains, and could also provide Torch support from the air? Well, introducing Lea, who can do all that and more!

  • I think the idea of a Flying healer is super interesting, and one that doesn’t fear getting shot down is a big plus. Lea will be a premier support unit who also isn’t passive either that helps alot in her join chapter with the insane amount of fog. Although she can fly, her low movement may be disappointing to some, so keep that in mind. But I don’t doubt that she can contribute to the army immensely and will be very fun to play around with, especially in Chapter 21.


:sparkles: Bosses :sparkles:

Name: Glass-
Glass (Older) {SaintRubenio}
Boss Replacing: Kel
Class: Hero
Battle Quote: My name is Glass! My swordplay is so peerless that even the gods fear my name! And so I shall slay you for you have no chance against me!
Death Quote: You…you…have got to be kidding me…not again…first to that stupid girl and now again…to a bunch of lowlife nobles…urr…urgh…
Gender: Male
Description: An old sacean bandit who joined up with bern for profit and revenge.
Boon(s): Str
Bane: Res
Inventory (up to 4 items):
Brave Sword
Silver Sword
(Drops Item)

Uses Unique Animations- FE-Repo/Battle Animations/Infantry - (Swd) Mercenaries and Heroes/[Hero-Reskin] [M] Raven Armor Coat +Brown Shield at main · Klokinator/FE-Repo (
Pallete: 5553FF7FFF6B1F4B2E1D5242CE3108219877F36E4E5A782133250E21D139A514


Name: Laron

Portrait by Armory (Recolor by me)

Boss Replacing: Ein
Class: Manakete
Gender: Male
Description: A mining supervisor who has been consumed by draconic powers.
Boon: HP
Bane: Res

Talisman (stealable)

Battle Quote: Hahahaha! I’ve become a god! No one can stop me!
Death Quote: No! My power… it’s fading…

Mechanical Change: Dragonstones are 1-2 range.


I’d say Yes, she can inherit her growth total (and @DonutPlains1 that also applies to Karel too, if you so wish :333), and while she isn’t locked to being a dragon, she still needs to have some method of dealing effective damage against H here since Fae had that ability (although I don’t know and believe H is meant to take effective damage, so who’s to say? :upside_down_face:)


Oh yeah, also you can insert these walking and standing animations for Manaketes to make it more clear that they are now flying units. Original flying Manakete Animation is by Morva, but I edited it to make it more in line with the Fire Dragons that are depicted in FE6 and FE7. I’m not too experienced in pixel art, but these should look decent enough.

Manakete (U) Morva {EA}-stand (edit) Manakete (U) Morva {EA}-walk (edit)

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You got it :333

Also, roundup complete. Have at it. If I’ve missed anything or have anything you want to see added, let me know (I remember somebody mentioning Tricksters, but not sure who :upside_down_face:)

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