Athena and Taylor's Binding Blade PME aka "The Cherry Chainsaw Edition"

(If any mods are reading this, don’t worry, the title is merely a joke and meant to be a fun sort of “triple-reference” if you will. Explaining it would probably make this worse, but to give you a simple rundown: My name’s Cherry (or at least the one I prefer out of all of them), Taylor’s profile picture is that of Makima from “Chainsaw Man,” and by combining the two, it also works as a cute callback to “Lollipop Chainsaw,” a game whose title may sound graphic but rather is lighthearted and stupid. Please, don’t come at me. I’m just trying to bring out some humor from the audience.)

With that out of the way,
Hello, FEU! I have finally returned to the sacred realm of making new topics instead of just replying to pre-existing threads. As you can probably parse from the title, I have decided to create a second/third Fire Emblem 6 Pick My Edits ROM :sparkling_heart: But this time…there’s a twist, for you may recognize the second name :smirk: And if you guessed correctly out of all the Taylors registered on this forum (seriously, five?), it indeed is the Makima-profiled Taylor themself, responsible for such enjoyable escapades as “Baby’s First PME 5/8” or “The Ashen Blade” or even “Taylor’s PMEe,” just to name a few :333 The reason for this version’s existence? They asked for a new project from me in collaboration so they could remain creative in the face of many dead ends in their work. And with not much else to do besides work on hacks, I decided “Sure, why not? Sounds like fun :two_hearts:” Thus, the thread you see in front of you. The floodgates have opened once more and are beckoning for only your finest to enter…if you dare :smiling_imp: Don’t fret, this PME will work much akin to my Re:Write, which also means laying down similar ground rules, so please, bear with me :heart_decoration:

  • NO FIRE EMBLEM PERSONNEL OR MEME UNITS. Slightly harsh, I know, but some submissions in the past from both of our respective repertoires were either lazy and unoriginal or diminished the value of the project with their memetic existence, so I’m putting that sign down now. No Bulk Bogans, no Armor Knight Rutgers, nothin’. However, if you can somehow hide your meme in subtext (e.g. Lukas from my first or someone like “Berry” referencing Hulk Hogan’s real first name instead of simply stating “Bulk Bogan”), then you should be okay.
  • ONLY ONE SUBMISSION PER PERSON PER DAY. I need to make sure this one’s heard because we want to be able to keep track of all these units, so only one submission for you. However, I am implementing a new special rule for this edition related to this one:
    • The rule for one submission per person per day still stays; HOWEVER, that is for new units. On top of your new character, you can post one OLD character in your submission. This rule can be handy for filling up the cast quickly. It can be a playable unit or a boss unit. It doesn’t matter much to me. But before you start bouncing off the walls like a Looney Tune, please note that since this will be Taylor’s first exposure to working within FE6 rather than 7 or 8, you can sadly only post old units from either of my PMEs. I know, sorry :mending_heart: Also… ;333
    • For the first time in my PME history, inspired by my close friend Smeargle’s project, we shall allow you to make any gameplay changes you desire. You want to give all units +1 Movement when holding an Iron Ax? You got it! Do you want to give Armor Knights swords? Of course! However, much like Smeargle’s project, you are only allowed two total (unless you misread that like I did the first time, then possibly four or more). Why? Well, even though this is a lighthearted affair, we don’t want this to get too* out of hand :sweat_smile:
  • +/- 3 for Boon and Bane including a second Boon if you so wish (at the cost of an additional level of course), 325% GRT maximum
    If I missed anything that you think should be a rule, please let me know :heart_hands:

And with that, I think that’s pretty much it for intro stuff :heart: You can send any units into either this thread or directly to us at either “cherrybaer” or “corninin” on Discord (new username system, by the way). With all that said, we can’t wait to see your units! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

:sparkles: Templates :sparkles:


:sparkles: Playables :sparkles:

Character Replacing:

Growth Rates:

  • HP:
  • Str/Mag:
  • Skl:
  • Spd:
  • Lck:
  • Def:
  • Res:

Weapon Ranks:
Inventory (up to 4 items):

:sparkles: Bosses :sparkles:

Boss Replacing:
Inventory (up to 4 items):

:sparkles: Slots Available :sparkles:


Roy - Ellie by VelvetKitsune; Female Lord; check post 23 for more details
Marcus - Skyler by SilverRoy; Male Nomadic Trooper
Alen - Ashley by CelestiaHeart; Female Brigand
Lance - Sig by UncreativeName; Male Mercenary
Wolt - Gerald by EmeraldKing; Male Soldier
Bors - Jimmy by Goose; Male Ax Cavalier
Merlinus - Anna by Amema003; Female Transporter
Elen - Ringo by Goose; Female Troubadour
Dieck - Hawkwood by Gunnar; Male Lance Cavalier
Ward/Wade - Io by UncreativeName; Male Wyvern Rider
Lot - Daikon by Zaq; Male Fighter
Shanna - Criollo by UncreativeName; Male Armored Knight
Chad - Eillove by MissVanity; Female Thief
Lugh - Ezra by DonutPlains; Male Priest
Clarine - Fawn by SilverRoy; Female Myrmidon
Rutger - Slims by DATonDemand; Male Armored Knight
Saul - Karles by UncreativeName; Male Mage
Dorothy - Wolt by Shadow_The_Halberdier; Male Archer
Sue - Cassandra by Sieuthanh9 (ripped from Mangs’s FE6 CMU); Female Fighter
Zelot - Jirel by Gunnar; Female Hero
Trec - Aon by TritraSerpifeu; Male Nomad
Noah - Cherri by CelestiaHeart; Female Fighter
Astolfo - Pruitt by DonutPlains; Male Sword Cavalier
Lilina - Asher by MaxTUS; Male Mage (unsure about this one for similar reasons as Jimmy and Pauline, so if Max truly wishes for him to be this “Ashen Mage,” then I shall allow it)
Barthe - Seiro by Shadow_The_Halberdier; Male Mercenary
Ogier - Shadow by Shadow_The_Halberdier; Male Soldier
Gwendolyn/Wendy - Pauline by SilverRoy; Female Lance Cavalier (possibly with funny B-Rank Lances and a Silver Lance in her inventory if SilverRoy truly wishes for such :333)
Fir - Alice by Shadow_The_Halberdier; Female Mercenary
Sin - Hrannar by Amema003; Male Pegasus Knight
Geese - Aaren by Shadow_The_Halberdier; Male Pirate
Gonzalez - Harrison by Goose; Male Ruffian
Klein - Mortem by Deviation; Male Druid
Thea - Karala by Amema003; Female Nomad
Larum - Quinn by DonutPlains; Female Bard
Elffin - Kura by Goose; Female Dancer
Echidna - Bedivere by Gunnar; Male Paladin
Bartre - Kole by Goose; Male Hero
Raigh - Naomi by SilverRoy; Female Archer
Cath - Aph by Shadow_The_Halberdier; Female Thief
Melady - Sylveon by Shadow_The_Halberdier; Female Pegasus Knight
Perceval - Herbert by EmeraldKing; Male Sentinel
Cecilia - Surt by UncreativeName; Male Sage
Sophia - Granola by DonutPlains; Male Thief
Igrene - Sabmon by Gunnar; Male Bishop
Garret - Joy by DonutPlains; Female Wyvern Lord
Fae - Sydney by UncreativeName; Female Hero
Hugh - Vannia by Goose; Female Sword Cavalier
Zeiss - Roxy by DonutPlains; Female Armored Knight
Douglas - Hazel fucking best girl omg by RLC; Female Sentinel
Niime - Lea by Deviation; Female Manakete; check post 175 for more details
Juno - Annelise by Dooderguy; Female Swordmaster
Dayan - Forzant by Goose; Male Warrior
Yoder - Beowulf by SilverRoy; Male Swordmaster (honestly prefer Hero cause of the outfit, plus he gets his other absurdly high weapon rank, plus it’s just objectively better even with the thirty-percent crit in this game)
Karel - Nickel by DonutPlains; Male Sage

Damas - Lucian by EmeraldKing; Male Knight
Ruud - Charles by Goose; Male Fighter
Slater - Yu by Goose; Male Myrmidon
Erik - Vivien by DonutPlains; Female Mercenary
Dory - Gustavo by SilverRoy; Male Lance Cavalier
Wagner - Cassidy by CelestiaHeart; Female General
Debias - Mack by CelestiaHeart; Male Valkyrie
Legance - Cornel by Shadow_The_Halberdier; Male Druid
Henning - Martin by SilverRoy; Male Druid
Scott - Kazor by EmeraldKing; Male Paladin
Nord - Brooks by Goose; Male Warrior
Zinque - Mercato by Dooderguy; Male Bishop
Scollan - Klide by DonutPlains; Male Archer
Orlo - Gareth by Gunnar; Male General
Roberts - Kirk by AlemOwl; Male Hero
Morgan - Lightning by EmeraldKing; Male Nomadic Trooper
Ein - Laron by DonutPlains; Male Manakete
Guerrero - Lematt by DonutPlains; Male Sentinel
Flaer - Alexa by ColeTheOne; Female Falcoknight
Randy - Myles by Goose; Male Berzerker
Maggie - Marcy by Amema003; Female Wyvern Lord
Rose - Clay by Amema003; Male Paladin
Oates - Hall by Goose; Female Sage
Raith - Serlo by Dooderguy; Male Warrior
Narcian - Murakumo by ColeTheOne; Male Bishop
Windham - Wizemen by EmeraldKing; Male Sage
Arcardo - Veesha by Shadow_The_Halberdier; Female Halberdier
Monke - Falcon by DonutPlains; Male Hero
Sigune - Acantha by DonutPlains; Female General
Kel - Glass by Stormblight; Male Hero
Roartz - Thaddues by Dooderguy; Male Berserker
Tick - Nantier by Dooderguy; Male Hero
Marral - Tamara by DonutPlains; Female Valkyrie
Murdock - Amalya by CelestiaHeart; Female Sentinel
Galle - Rizara by Goose; Female Falcoknight
Peres - Marion by DonutPlains; Male Berserker
Zephiel - Storm-Wrath by Stormblight; Male Sage King; check post 13 for more details
Brunnya - Samael by UncreativeName; Male Swordmaster
Jahn - Kraigan by RLC; Male General
Idunn - H by UncreativeName; Male Unspeakable; check post 168 for more details

:sparkles: Bonus Characters :sparkles:

Schara by Shadow_The_Halberdier; Female Shaman (joins in Chapter 14 alongside Granola and Surt)
Zeus by ATHATH; Male Valkyrie (joins in Chapter 20 of both routes either in your starting party in Ilia or right by Forzant in Sacae)

Takumi by Stormblight; Male Sniper (appears in Chapter 14 with Marcy and Clay)
Tiana by DonutPlains; Female Valkyrie (appears at the same time as Tamara to fight alongside her sister in protecting the Mulagir)
Talia by DonutPlains; Female Valkyrie (appears at the same time as Tamara to fight alongside her sister in protecting the Mulagir)

:sparkles: Mechanical Changes :sparkles:

  1. (Apparently) All poison weapons have a Brave effect (strike twice perpetually)
  2. Wyvern Lords now wield bows as their secondary type instead of swords
  3. Cavaliers are now split between the three weapon types that Paladins can use, those being Sword, Lance, and Ax (unsure about this one for Pegs and Wyverns too because that is wayyy too many slots that FE6 does not allow for; also unsure about giving Pegs/Falco’s staves since that would mess up the weapon rank display)
  4. Knives exist now, and are essentially E-rank swords that can attack at range, but can only be used by Thieves and their promotion, which then leads into…
  5. Thieves can promote into Rogues with all the same functionalities as its base form (would’ve been Assassins, but Silencer doesn’t exist and a crit boost would be too gimmicky and tread on Swordmaster’s niche; a similar thing with Sentinels for Soldiers) (also unsure about Tricksters being the promotion instead since giving staves to a physical unit messes with the weapon rank display, and I don’t believe you can make healing work differently for certain classes in the way Shadow described, so sadly possibly not; could give them bows though :upside_down_face:)
  6. Brave and Silver weapons now have their ranks swapped (Braves A, Silvers B)
  7. All enemies from Chapter 17 onwards are now promoted
  8. All enemy base stats are increased by 2 and growths by 20%
  9. Ellie can promote using either a Hero or Knight Crest
  10. Snipers now have a Crit Boost much akin to Swordmasters and Berserkers
  11. The Cleaver is now effective against the Nomad and Troubadour class lines, both Tier 1 and Tier 2
  12. Armored Knights now use both Lances and Axes in Tier 1, so you can train those ranks before promotion (similar thing with Priests and Clerics wielding Light tomes before promotion) :3 Alongside that, Armors now have their class HP boosted to 20
  13. All weapons now have their stats increased to FE7/8 numbers (keyword: increased, not replicated; FE6 Armorslayer has 85 Hit whereas the other two have 80, and I’m keeping it 85 :triumph:)
  14. Both the weapon and magical triangles have their Hit/Avoid bonus/deficit boosted to +/- 15%
  15. Bolting and Purge now have their Weight values halved and grant +5 Spd when held
  16. Support bonuses are now doubled
  17. Bards and Dancers can now use Staves
  18. The Weapon Triangle has now gained an additional +/- 1 Might
  19. All legendary weapons now have fifty uses
  20. Support gain has been multiplied by ten
  21. Ripped from Deviation’s Lea submission: “Manaketes (Fire Dragons) now have the properties of flight, they can go over any terrain but don’t get avoid, defense, or res. The only changes are that Manaketes still get the usual bonuses from Gates/Thrones, and they don’t suffer from flying effectiveness weapons. This change only impacts two chapters with enemy Manaketes in any noticeable way, meanwhile, the bonuses to Gates/Thrones are just there so that Chapter 23 still has Manaketes with bonuses on the seize points.”
  22. Manaketes (fire variant) now have a Class Relative Power of 1
  23. Dragonstones are now 1-2 range
  24. The Avoid calculation is now just Spd+Lck instead of Spd*2+Lck (overall makes hitting easier on both sides)

:sparkles: Drastic Changes for Future Versions :sparkles:

  1. Both combat triangles are gone, and Reaver weapons are now effective against any infantry that are either locked to or wields that advantageous type, similarly to the Swordslayer.
  2. All tomes are now classified as Anima regardless of where they started from or what they do, and thus, all mages can use them (e.g. Apocalypse Bishops or Forblaze Druids).
  3. Mounted classes (Cavalier, Nomad, Troubadour, etc.) now have 3/4 Mov for Tier 1 and 2 respectively
  4. Fliers now have 5/6 Mov for Tier 1 and 2 respectively and use Brigand Terrain Movement

why must you people keep torturing me and making me want to make more characters curse yooou


Because it’s fun and awesome and cute ^UwU^


:sparkles: Bosses :sparkles:

Name: Lucian
Boss Replacing: Damas
Class: Knight
Gender: Male
Description: A Lycian noble and the head of House Santaruz.
Boon(s): Res
Bane: Spd
Inventory (up to 4 items): Killer Lance. Vulnerary
Credit to thorn
Battle Quotes: It’s is pointless to resist against Bern new rule. Do you have the courage to stand against the might of House Santaruz? Let us see.
Death Quotes: You… you may have won… but this war… is already ours…


Whooo! Wishing you two good luck. :star:

I’ll see if I can submit a unit later on.


Boss Replacing:Flaer
Description:A general of Bern with a happy disposition.
Inventory (up to 4 items): Runesword
(Portrait by Smokeyguy77)
Battle Quote: Nice to meet you! But I gotta kill you!
Death Quote: Oops…

Extra Gameplay Shit

All poison weapons now have a brave effect.

Wyvern Lords now use bows instead of swords.


Ooh, FE6 PME!

Unit Submission


Name: Ashley
Replaces: Alen
Class: Brigand (idk replace a duplicate class like F!Wyvern or something)
Gender: Female (she/her)
Affinity: Fire
A former Lycian brigand who is
trying to change her ways.
Death quote:
Can’t come up with one. Use vanilla Alen’s I guess.

Boon(s): Str
Bane: Def

Rank: C Axes

HP: 90%
Str/Mag: 65%
Skl: 60%
Spd: 55%
Lck: 25%
Def: 20%
Res: 10%

Killer axe

Mechanic Changes
  1. Weapon/magic triangle is gone. Reaver weapons are now effective against infantry weapon users like FE8 Swordslayer. Weapon anarchy :smiling_imp:

  2. All tomes are Anima and all mages use them. For anyone who wants Apocalypse Bishops or Forblaze Druids.

The unit template lacks a section for weapon ranks.


Name: Sabmon
Character Replacing: Igrene
Class: Bishop
Gender: Male
Affinity: Thunder
Description: A snarky scholar from Nabata. Well-versed in ancient lore.
Boon(s): RES
Bane: HP

Growth Rates:
HP: 50%
Str/Mag: 30%
Skl: 45%
Spd: 45%
Lck: 30%
Def: 40%
Res: 55%

Inventory (up to 4 items):

Sabmon (bishop) - JiroPaiPai

Credits to JiroPaiPai (recolour by me)

Weapon levels:
Light: B
Staffs: A

Death quote: Heh… all my knowledge… lost forever…


give ya’ some rest lmao

Gameplay changes:
Cavaliers can now only uses either sword, lances, or axes

Name: Jimmy
Replaceing: Bors
Class: Axe Cav
Gender: Male
Affinity: Dark
Description: A down on his luck knight of Ostia. Somewhat awkward.
Death Quote: I…was supost to…make it…farther…
Boon: Def
Bane: Lck

Growth Rates:
HP: 70%
Str: 55%
Skl: 60%
Spd: 40%
Lck: 5%
Def: 50%
Res: 45%

Iron Axe

(Credit to Miguel-Rojo)


Gameplay changes:

  • Knives are E swords that are range. Can only be used by thieves and their promotion.
  • Almost forgot to mention but give thieves a promotion to assassins that can still lockpick.

Name: Eillove
Character Replacing: Chad
Class: Thief
Gender: Female
Affinity: Dark
Generic Maid (Ghostblade913)
By Ghostblade913

Description: A humble cleaner at the orphanage. But in her spare time…
Death quote: "My ugly side won out…And payed the consequence.
Boon(s): Skill
Bane: Res

Growth Rates:

  • HP: 60
  • Str/Mag: 50
  • Skl: 70
  • Spd: 55
  • Lck: 50
  • Def: 25
  • Res: 15


  • Iron sword/knives (if implemented)
  • Lockpick

With the Cavs being separated by weapon types, let me submit a Lance Cav!

Name: Pauline
Character Replacing: Gwendolyn/Wendy
Class: Lance Cavalier
Gender: Female
Affinity: Thunder

(By Mexicancactus2911)
{Mexicancactus2911} F2E OC Minerva (FE6)
(FE6-style edit by myself)

Boon: Def
Bane: Lck

Growth Rates (Totals 325%):

  • HP: 70
  • Str: 40
  • Skl: 60
  • Spd: 50
  • Lck: 35
  • Def: 40
  • Res: 30

A new recruit from Ostia. Yearns to
prove herself worthy of knighthood.

Death Quote:
All my hard work…
was for… naught…?

Weapon Ranks:


  • Silver Lance
  • Javelin
  • Vulnerary
  • Speedwings

Cheers. :star:


:sparkles: Bosses :sparkles:

Name: Storm-Wrath
Boss Replacing: Zephiel
Class: Sage King (Replaces King)
Gender: Male (He/They)
Description: A disillusioned member of a community with goals of reshaping it into his own visions.
Boon(s): Spd
Bane: Luck
Inventory (up to 4 items): Forblaze, Aureola, Apocalypse, (Morning Star)

Moring Star: Item (Equipable): Mt: 22 Hit: 85 Wt: 5 Cirt: 10, Uses: Infinite, Grants Power/Res/Luck+5, Range: 1-3, Nulls Cirticals (if you can get it working on fe6), Eff: Dragon/Magic/Foot, Luna Effect, Magic Weapon.
Icon: {Batima} Grima's Truth-Batima

Stormblight Soul (LaurentLacroix)-Base: LaurentLacroix: Color Edits: Me
Battle Quote: I’ve stop caring about this world, and as such I WILL SHEAD IT TO ASH AND EMBERS!
Death Quote:…Well damn…guess my world…will never come to reality…may your own hubris destory you…for in the end I have the…last…laugh…hahahahah!

Sage King

Map Sprites:
Archsage (M) Brunnya {Jiege, TLP, Stormblight}-stand
Archsage (M) Brunnya {Jiege, TLP, Stormblight}-walk

(Male Edited version of Archsage (F) Brunnya Jiege,TLP) made by Me)
Battle Aninations: FE-Repo/Battle Animations/Magi - Dark-Type/[T3 Custom] [M] Dark Prince Julius by Obs at main · Klokinator/FE-Repo ( Use the OAM one)
Palette: 8431FF7FFF6B1F4BD32910202E142C2400001001CE008C0010428C31E71CA514


Str/Mag: 30, Skl: 28, Spd: 30, Luck: 30, Def: 23, Res: 30

  1. Braves A rank, Silvers B rank,
    2.Roy Replacement Promotes at Chapter 16,
  2. All enemies are promoted from Chapter 17 and onwards,
  3. All enemy base stats plus 2 and growths increased by 20%

Ok iam dropin quick becuse i have some convo that i own do just changes
1 lord promote with hero crest or knight crest (they stats caps suck so this is for some advantage)
2 master lorda and snipers crits boost (snipers i think its fair and master lords arę just worst sword masters with rapier ascces speaking od each)
3 raiper efective against normad and Troubadour?
(Its base gamę its just dont work against them)


Hmmmm… so I might steal Roy’s spot, is there any limitation or anything to keep in mind for that? Like, class stuff or something?


Custom class should be alright, just got to edit the lord class and Great Lord.
Changing the binding blade shouldn’t be much of an issue.
You’re all set to create :+1:

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Name: Sig
Replaces: Lance
Class: Mercenary
Gender: Male
Affinity: Anima
A hired sword morbidly curious about the dark arts.
Death quote:
So much…left undiscovered…

Boon(s): STR
Bane: SKL

Rank: D Swords

HP: 85%
STR: 35%
SKL: 45%
Spd: 65%
Lck: 35%
Def: 25%
Res: 35%

Iron Sword
Steel Sword


Name: Gerald
Credit to Memestaralbert
Character Replacing: Wolt
Class: Soldier
Gender: Male
Affinity: Wind
Description: A loyal soldier of Pherae. He is very proud of his country.
Boon(s): Skl
Bane: Res

Growth Rates:

  • HP: 25%
  • Str/Mag: 45%
  • Skl: 40%
  • Spd: 50%
  • Lck: 30%
  • Def: 60%
  • Res: 40%

Weapon Ranks: D Lance
Inventory (up to 4 items): Slim Lance. Javelin. Horseslayer
Death Quote: It fine… at least I’ll… died… for my home…


Proposed changes:
Knights now use axe lances and buff the class base HP to 20.
Fliers are also now split into swrd, lances & axes (aka, axe peg, sword wyvern) I’ll leave it up to you two to adjust the stats & promo options


Love that knights gets advantage over the usually better cavs by both better stats and now better triangle control. Love that change.