Assembly is sexciting

Basically the FEU equivalent of this SF thread.

But with less me-turning-to-trolling-halfway-through. Hopefully.

I’ll add more stuff to this thread when I’m not dead tired, I guess.

Had to make it for the joke tho.

So, should this be creative or…?


Maybe this should be under the Requests category?

Also, I’m glad to see so many topics on FEU adopting a sex-positive mentality, LOL. Sexcitement! Pizzazz! Condoms and/or lubricant! Get hyyyyyyype!!!

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I want a hack that removes the Trade/Convoy options from the menu when moving units, so trading is effectively disabled outside of the battle prep screen.
and I hate to be that guy, but I want to use it in an FE7 mod, s— so…

I like pizza


How about giving negative dodge/avoid bonus for weapons in FE8 and FE7?
I like pizza too

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Dude I can do this in like 5 minutes


Summons in FE8 that are actually characters that can level up, support, and keep their stats/level when they’re summoned again in later chapters instead of resetting them.


In the context of a full str/mag split, I would love to see radiant dawn style staff counter attacks. That way a high str character who still had a staff equipped could do some damage on the enemy phase. Would also give me an excuse to make animations of priests bopping people on the head


This actually sounds really interesting and I might be able to do this. I’ll look into it sometime.

So uh
I, um
would use it in a project immediately if you were to rig it up for FE7, and would use an FE8 version within a year too.

I would also be sexcited

Can I get an ASM hack that deletes all topics with the word “sexciting” in them?

Edit: Real talk though, if you make that trade disable thing for Sqawl, I want exactly the opposite: Disable the Convoy/List/Trade command on Battle Prep. The player is only trading items once on the map.

Why? Because I’m fucking evil.

Is a bit more difficult. I might be willing to do this in FE8. But I’m just not sure where the usability for these commands are, though I do know Convoy can possibly not appear in FE7. If there’s no way to disable it in FE8 then that’s more difficult… maybe make it so the buttons are there but are dummies?

Grab these files

In the Unit Menu Installation, comment out the commands you want to remove. Then insert it with EA. That is all.

FE8 Unit Menu:

(Also, they’re in the unified dropbox)


How can one man be so based?

thank you so much! :heart: :heartpulse: :heartbeat: :heartpulse: :heart:

Can you make a pick(Open chests and doors without Keys or lockpick?) skill for FE7, Luna/Pierce For FE7 and Summon for FE7? Please??
Any of them would be fine, but i know the first will be the easiest, So…

I think the last three are a bit of a stretch and @Brendor is working on them anyways

Well, visual effect for Luna is the hardest part. Procing it is easy, I’d need to know what ability to assign it to.

But I’m not really interested in FE7 at the moment. Namely because my project/next one is in FE8.

Well, i dont care if it does not have a visual effect…But you are not interested in fe7 u.u

I kind of have an FE8 version, but it’s coupled with a bunch of other changes to the battle system to basically make it fates so… not going to bother to separate that out, I guess? The dodge bonuses, at least, can just be installed themselves, though they use some of the 4th weapon abilities.

I might look into this. I was playing some FE8 the other day, and the summons do, at least, use the same character ID since they keep b/w/l.

I think the issue is that they are marked as dead when they die so their stats reset when they are again summoned.