ASM Stuff

Quick question, so I’ve heard that there are several compiler choices that I could be using for GBA ASM, but I’m curious what are the most recommended ones to be using? I’ve seen VBA-SDL-H and another I’ve seen is no$gba. Might I inquire which is what people find is the most effective to use?

No$GBA is typically the debugger of choice. None of those are compilers. VBA is an emulator with some tools that might be useful for debugging, but no$gba is pretty standard. As for writing ASM for use, I suggest devkitpro and your favorite text editor. Blazer’s Ultimate Tutorial has a decent guide for getting everything set up.

Yeah, someone was explaining that to me on a chat how this works. VBA is just “Visual Boy Advanced.” And No$GBA is another emulator with debugging capabilities (which is why I’d want it).