ASM Routine Question: Bartre level check[Solved]

So I was hoping one of the asm wizards here could help me with this. I’d like to implement an ASM routine, even if it’s just a quick edit of the Bartre - Karla routine, that checks an actor’s class and level. I want to check and see if a unit is strong enough to fight another one, and if so, have the two of them fight.

Any chance there’s a quick edit to Bartre’s routine? I’m not using it in his chapter anymore since he can fight Karla at base level.

Don’t have a class check, but I’ve done this before.

I actually saw that topic right after I posted here, I did a search for general asm shenanigans and went “D’oh!”

It’s actually an interesting concept to think of the AI checking to see if a unit will be victorious by rolling RNs to simulate the fight, then reusing those RNs to act it out if and only if it will result in victory


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The simulated fight for the pre-fight window actually passes in a default thing for the RN to always hit, never crit or lethality. Mayhaps the AI does something like that, but maybe not.

Wow, that would give the AI an incredible advantage since they always know if they’ll win or fail. I could put something like that to incredible use.

yeah I was thinking of like a kaizo FE or something with troll AI

like the AI in SSB doing uairs when you’re below them and still hitting you

I don’t

what are you talking about

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nvm, in-depth looks at battle code @_@.