[ASM Request]: Need a ASM Wizard's help with 2 things

I’d like to request 2 ASM mods.

My first request has to do with the original Big Shield’s proc variable
which looks at the enemy’s proc and not the player’s
(in this case, the game looks at the enemy’s LV number and not at the player’s LV).

eg1. Player Unit (whatever class) attacks Enemy General:
Game looks at Player Unit’s LV for skill proc %
eg2. Player General attacks Enemy Unit (whatever class):
Game looks at Enemy Unit’s LV for skill proc %

I request someone to change it so that
the game will look at the unit with the Big Shield skill proc variable
and not at the opposition’s who might or not have the same skill.

Ok this is a hard one:
a Charisma-type effect that improves HIT/AVD for allies up to 3 tiles away
affects the unit that has it
and stacks or not (I leave this to the wizard’s discretion) with other units that have the effect.

i hope you’re using skill system, otherwise i already give up
i cannot understand what these mean, but the second one seems super easy until you mention stacking
can you elaborate on the first, i don’t get it at all :frowning:

Big Shield apparently is always based on the AI’s stats, according to Seal. Change it to person who has it. (Big Shield is actually Level%, not Skill%, Seal)

Charisma from Skillsystems.

I’ll disappoint :stuck_out_tongue:
Ok I’ll explain in depth.

The first on is about the original Big Shield Skill on Generals.
It looks at the [Lv] the decide the proc rate.
Lv1=1% to proc a Big Shield. Lv20=20% to proc it. And so on.

The issue is that the skill doesn’t look at the Lv of the class that has the skill (General in vanilla)
but the opponent’s Lv (player or enemy).

That means that a Lv1 General has 20% to proc Big Shield
when facing a Lv20 (un)promoted opponent.

Likewise, a Lv20 General has only 1% to proc Big Shield
when facing a Lv1 (un)promoted opponent.

What I want is to to make the game look at the Lv of the class with the skill
not at the opponent’s Lv.

You can test it easily by changing the original check from LV to eg. Luck
and pumping Luck to 100.
A General with 100Luck vs an enemy with 0Luck:
That General will never proc Big Shield.
Contrary, same General can have 0Luck and face a 100Luck enemy:
This General will proc Big Shield all the time.

Is this intentional or vanilla bad code? I can’t say.

The 2nd

I meant 2+ units with the same effect will stack both effects.
If 1 unit with the effect gives eg.+5HIT/AVD
then 2 units next to each other give +10HIT/AVD

  1. If you are using the skill system, unless I am mistaken, Big Shield/Great Shield activates based on the skill holder’s defense.

  2. This skill already exists in the skill system as the charisma skill. The only thing that would be needed is the added effect of boosting the holders hit and avoid as well. This is very easy to do.

How are you applying the skill system to your hack?

I’m not using the skill system.

The easiest and fastest way to do what you want would be to apply it and make small modifications to it to accomplish your two goals. You don’t need to use every skill or feature of the skill system as you can disable parts of it.

  1. This would be a fairly simple modification using skill sys, change pavise to check your level instead of you skill stat. Could also check the class for the IsPromoted bitflag and add 20 if so.
  2. This would be a fairly simple modification using skill sys, make the charm (charisma?) skill affect yourself.

if you’re not using skill system, have fun recreating skill system to do at least one of these

So isn’t there someone who can at least have a look for the first one?

Big Shield is meant to proc based off of enemy level in vanilla FE8, yes. Just like how Wyvern Knight’s Pierce chance is based off of the user’s level, IIRC.

For the first one, I tried changing 0x02b350 from 5628 to 5630, I believe that should work?

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OMG it was so simple, makes so much sense and I feel so stupid now.
Yes this is what I meant. Thank you so much.