(ASM Request) FE8 Mini-Objective Display Expansion

Hello! I’d like to make a request for an expansion on the current fe8 mini-objective display. Specifically, I’d like to be able to display the current turn and funds together, similarly to how they’re displayed on the status screen.

If this is currently possible, please let me know. If you’d be interested in working on something like this, I would love to commission you.

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When you say “mini-objective display” I assume you mean this:


I’m probably not going to be doing this for you right this moment but I can give pointers to whoever wants to.

For the april fools hack “FRIC”, I edited the goal window to display only funds instead of the goal. Source can be found here. One simple version of this hack would expand this to include the turn count as well.

In fe7, I have implemented a goal window type that displays in game time. Source can be found here. It is interesting as it adds a new goal type that works with existing ones rather than hard wire the new one to replace everything else.


Yes, I was referring to that. I should have posted a picture of that too, thanks for doing it for me I suppose. :~)

Also thanks for the info! That seems like a very good starting off point.