[ASM] Item(Weapon)-Attack-Range Remake by mokha

Download here!

Weapon can get only 5 cases of Range: 1/2/3/0xA/0xF in Vanilla. I don’t think it a good thing, so remade it lol


now the weapon’ max-range can reach up to #255, it can also display properly in Moving or “Attack” commond hover.
you can now set the “min-max range” through FEB’s item editor or something to whatever range you want.

Besides, if you set item max range=0, then it will get the max range with str/2, if str/2<5, then it get range 1-5 (just like what it do in vanilla)

remember, if you want to see your sword attack from 2 or more range, give it a ballista animation or close the animation please.