ASM Hacker Needed - Valkyrie Staff

Is there anyone here willing to help out with this?
I want to implement a Valkyrie Staff in a FE7 hack, but I have no idea how to do this. I read the ASM Tutorial, but I am more confused now. Is there anyone available to help with this? I would really appreciate it. I know that ASM hacking is hard and so on, but can anyone help?

No, we don’t know how to do it, sorry. Everyone wants the Valkyrie staff, but unless we figure out how to, like, not wipe a unit’s data upon death and also make our own custom menu, it’s just not possible.

Would a workaround be to just have the unit get flagged to be greyed out (like Matthew in that one chapter where leila dies, he’s in the unit section, but cannot be selected because story) That way their data wouldn’t go poof. Change the help menu to “this unit is dead” or w/e Now, a menu for it, I have no idea. Use the unit menu lol?

(I really have no idea what I am talking about, feel free to kick me lol, I also imagine this has all been considered anyway :B)

kicks a couple of times

Good ideas though! The character banner(that is currently used) isn’t dynamic; you have to decide what characters to ban while hacking, not running. We might be able to change that, but we’d need a section of the RAM, as well as having to change the saving such that it saves the array as well.

Also we still need a way to not lose the unit’s data when they die (I don’t know much about how the units’ data is stored when they’re not deployed; I wonder how MarkyJoe got no-permadeth to work?).

What about eventing a screen with all deceased allies names, everytime the staff is used? I already made an animation for it for a character, but I heard that that will be very hard to do.

Will you need Blazer’s custom staff doc?

Not sure if this helps but while messing around to get my transporter to work in Nightmare, I noticed all the character’s data is stored mostly in the character number, even the items. What it means is you can have multiple characters have one characters data. however when I tried it, the game acted a bit weird for a bit then accepted my shenanigans.

Then again I should ask what is the staff first before I start spewing random information.

nintenlord had a working one; if anyone can get ahold of him you can ask

the dead character data is stored in the save, just with a flipped bit to indicate deceased. I’m pretty sure if you muddled around in IRAM you oculd probably find it too

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The Staff is the Valkyrie Staff. It is supposed to resurrect defeated allies, back to life with the stats they had when they were defeated.
Does this data mean that this is possible to do in ASM hacking now?

everything is possible with asm hacking

literally anything

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However, not everything is possible within a reasonable amount of work/rewriting.