Art Assets Request

Hey all,

I’m working on the final release for THWD (ironing out the kinks mostly) and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in helping out in the palette department; long long ago when the current rendition of THWD started Kark and I had the idea of giving the generic enemies custom palettes for each chapter. We only got as far as ch4 (out of 15) so the enemies after ch4 all just use the generic blue palettes. I also tried my hand at making some palettes for a few of the maps but I’m not really happy with what I ended up with (boy do I ever suck at art).

I’m also hoping to replace other vanilla art assets (battle screen/forecast, affinity icons, etc. etc.) whatever will help the project be unique (I’m open to any ideas, I’m terrible at art).

If you’re interested feel free to hmu here or drop me a dm A_Reliable_Chair#8932


I am interested in helping with the generic enemy palettes. I would need the details of what animations are being use and if you want a specific color on the enemies of a specific map but would be happy to help

Best I can do is banana man



Don’t leave him out in the sun too long, he’ll get brown spots.