Arms Scroll for FE7

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Would this be helpful?

Also for the S-rank check, just edit the usability routine to check for an S rank and return false if there is one.

I literally just said it wouldn’t work; the equipped weapon changes to what’s highlighted when you’re in the item screen
I know how to check for multiple S ranks I just didn’t think of it until i already assembled the code

I take it to mean you mean it wouldn’t work for staves? Just check the first slot for staff type, then go by equips. Or do it true FE9-style and don’t allow for staves.

I don’t think you’re understanding me
the “equipped weapon” byte changes as you go through items
so if I have an iron sword then an iron axe then the scroll the scroll will boost axe level because you highlighted the iron axe to get to the scroll
get it?

trust me I’ve been over this >_<

Have a video demonstration

Ah, I got it from that second explanation. The original explanation was unclear. Are you sure you’re using that routine though? What byte is the equipped item byte? That routine simply starts at slot 1 on the inventory and loops down until it finds the first weapon you can equip.

+0x48 into the “current character struct” is the equipped weapon byte

I told you I’ve been over it; using the first slot was my only choice to get it to actually work :frowning:

Is there a particular reason there won’t be an FE8 version (aside from the bother of going through and finding all the equivalent routines in FE8 etc)? I might try porting this to 8 if you’re cool with that

Basically it’s too much of a bother for me
Take a crack at it if you want

This is wrong; the correct thing to do is to call the function like Crazycolorz suggests (a function which I have shown you on multiple occasions, and I’ve even linked to various examples of it being used in my doc).

Crazy was probably asking something else, like what the return value of the function was for you. He was not asking which byte in the struct is the equipped weapon byte because he knows that there is no specific location for the “equipped weapon” - it varies. That is why there is a function for finding it.

Not how I would have done it, but that’s IS for you.

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yeah I know
we resolved our confusion over skype
I was going to change the source but you know…stuff…and things
+0x48 is the weapon that’s being highlighted (which is fucking weird but again IS)


+0x48 is just the item in the first slot

that is all that can be deduced

No my little droogie. +0x1E is the slot 1item ID
+0x48 is what’s “going to be” first ie it changes as you scroll through equipable weapons

Well actually I thought you were talking about the unit structs but now that I think about it you can’t be because those are only +0x48 to begin with

I’m not your fkn droogie

No not the plain ol unit struct the attacker and defender structs that are like double the size
And yes you are c:

yeah I figured you meant the big ones after I realized it wasn’t the 0x48 byte ones

Silly Alex :3