Armor Emblem, will it work?


Lately, I’ve being thinking of a concept for a rom hack. Basically, the premise is that every unit would be an armored unit and these units will promote 3 times (by setting unpromotable level to 1), the first and third gives them a new weapon to use of their choice through branched promotion and the second promotes them to generals / whatever the tier two of the specific armored unit is.

It’s actually rather easy to do with FEBuilder and all the different custom armored animations there are in the community. My only question is, will the hack actually be fun? What are your opinions on this? Should I do it?


In my opinion, if you have an idea you should at least try it. Start making this and see how it goes, if it’s fun or not, etc. then decide from there.


On one hand it solves armor units being useless and lacking MOV. On the other hand, movement variation is kind of fun. Could make some silliness in a way like dorcas emblem and throw armor knights on pegasi, horses, and wyverns for some variety. Like you said though, your initial idea isn’t that hard to make so go for it and if you like it, continue to work on it.


I fail to see how making everything an armor “solves” the armor problem. You just have the same movement problem for every single unit.

As for the idea itself, idk if you want to commit to something as lofty as 4 tiers. That would also make your concept hack-thing pretty long as well for just an idea; maybe start with just regular armor -> general and do a few chapters (5?) to see how it works out.


… If every single unit has the same mov it’s either not a problem any more or a problem for them all. It just depends on your viewpoint. Glass half full/empty.

Agreed on reducing tiers, however he states he’d reduce promotion req to lvl 1, so that doesn’t necessarily require the game to be radiant dawn long.


If you do this, please don’t make the maps too big.


No, giving everything 4 movement only spreads the problem, it doesn’t magically make it not a problem. Turns spent moving your units, ability to outmaneuver any sort of formation, chase potential; these are all still relevant.

Seconded on the map comment.


It’s not 4 tiers, it’s still two. The idea is that the first time you use a promotional item, instead of promoting you will be able to use a new weapon type. Ditto for the third time promoting.


I don’t think I’d want to play any kind of FE where everyone is one singular class and everyone has the same mov type. Even if you split them up by weapon type it just isn’t the sort of thing that catches my eye really.


I was reading your own post. Regardless, if there’s a level reset of any type, it’s a promotion (albeit a weak one if the stat caps do not change).


joke hack or not, I still really want to see this