Armor and Cavalier Map Sprites

I noticed that both the Armor and Cavalier sprites (Bow, Sword, Axe, Lance) were missing from the Map Sprite/Class Card Repository, and I was wondering if anyone knew where one would be able to find them again.

I have no bow cav map sprite nor class cards for the extra armor weapons.

edit: and that de-sacaen nomad class card is not very cav-like; so it might not be appropriate for your needs.

Thank you so much, I can make due with that class card. I was worrying I’d never be able to see those sprites again, haha.

Does anyone else have trouble inserting the map sprites? The color palettes keeps turning out borked. I made sure I checked the compressed box when inserting in gbage and I also tried and used usenti to re export the map sprites.

Other than that, all other map sprites work fine ofrom the main map sprite repository , it’s just the axes knight and the ones here that keeps coming out borked.