Are there Morph portraits for these six characters?

Question i just wandering if there are Morph portraits as seen in chapter 31/33 Light in the Blazing Blade for these six characters you see on the screen right now?
image image image image image image

But if those Morph portraits does exist for all six of these characters right here somewhere on this website or somewhere else i would appreciate if anyone can upload all of them right here.

None of those characters become morphs

What i meant to say was did someone make custom portraits for these six characters to make them look like Morphs in Chapter 31/33?

You can recolor them yourself, it’s not terribly difficult.

Sadly no i can’t recolor them myself. Because i think i need a computer or laptop to do that kind of stuff on there. And i don’t have them all i have is a i pad and some phones so yeah.

How are you hacking fe7 if you don’t have a computer?

If not hacking, then what did you even want them for?

Uhhhh? To look at them and appreciate them? Don’t judge me.

I mean, you not wrong. We appreciate art to this very day and it still applies to modern times.

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I feel like it’s not terribly compelling to have one person ask you to edit some art for them to “look at and appreciate”. People may be more willing to help if you’re able to make some progress yourself or if your reason for wanting said art extends beyond just your own appreciation. Say you wanted some art for use in a youtube thumbnail. At least that might be seen by more people.

But I am just speaking generally. Perhaps someone will make this for you. Who knows.

If you have a bit of cash (around $60 USD) you could probably get a cheap PC and recolor it on your own. All you need is paint and the eraser technique to make recolors fast. In the case of your “request”, I made the Nino in about 30 seconds.


Thank you. I kept that in mind. One down now just got to wait for the rest.

Also, there are probably some Pixel Art editors on mobile (haven’t used many) that feature palette support. Maybe those might work too.

I just try to use at least six mobile apps for pixel editor and they all didn’t help me out.