Are there any horror themed fire emblem romhacks?

i’m new to using this site, and it’s a bit complicated. I also want to know if there are any in development romhacks of any kind that i can help with or betatest


As far as I know, No one has ever done a Horror themed hack. But it is in one of my future projects :eyes:


Definitely something to think about.

but, how’d you make math and strategy horrifying?
ambush spawns?


Atmosphere maybe?

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The first step is to define the requirements for what elements are horror.
For example, if it is horror if zombies appear, then FE8 is horror.
If you want players to experience fear and madness like in the Cthulhu Mythos, FE8 is still a horror story because of Olson’s wife.


I made a 1-chapter hack with some references to Resident Evil as well as other zombie(-like) apocalypse shows, if that counts: [FE8] RE8 (1 Chapter hack, completed, update v033)

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“yeah let’s rate FE8 E for everyone”

8 year old me when Renais kills Orson and slaughters his reanimated wife: :frowning_with_open_mouth:

that’s cool, if you ever do it i can try to help

Different dimensions ostian princess, tlp

My hack, Deity Device, has a horror themed level, though the hack, itself isn’t horror themed. It takes place with the party trapped in a cave with a monster whose AI tendencies change depending on the doors the player opens and the rooms units enter.

I tend to think that horror levels stick more with players than full on horror games because they contrast from the rest of the game. Horror elements can become humdrum when they’re the norm.

A sample

Deity Device Remake.emulator-22

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Lul, it can be quite terrifying to see math!

But I think: Puzzles, jumpscares, scenario, CGs, running from enemies, atmosphere. With some work, it’s quite possible to make a more eerie game using the current system.

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