Are Fire Emblem ROM Hacks better or worse than the mainline games?

Are Fire Emblem ROM Hacks better or worse than the mainline games?
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They’re better even if, and especially if, they’re worse


How about it depends?
Since when have all the mainline games been of the same quality and since when have all romhacks been on the same quality?
There’s no need to pit fan creations made out of love and sheer creativity against their inspirations.
There are mainline games that suck
There are romhacks that suck


That’s kinda a stupid question - some are better, some are worse.


I know I know and I personally think similar to JeytheCount and TheGhostCreator
I must say that I appreciate so much the fan made stuff
Some are better some are worse
But recently I note that there are a few hacks that catch me even more than official ones
In the officials I can find a central way where the creators made a game for many likes
But the hacks can be made for a really specific public that wouldn’t be factible for the company but catch a very close group of fans that are hyped in some specific cases
More if the hacks combines elements from other franchises
Like combining those two franchises that you love into a single hack
And I really love that

Many thanks to Vesly you are a really inspiration to me
I can affirm that I prefer your project pokemblem than official pokemon or FE GBA games

I loved the New and the classics elements combined into a single hack named Sacred Echoes
Thanks HyperGamma

Thanks Keymavega, your story and characters definitively attracted me more than many FE official games

The hacks that really reach your hearts makes you love more those franchises you already love
Their increase the content of those series you want to keep playing even after playing all the official games

Fanmade content should be always well received. And I love how they can influence the fandom.

This is just my opinion.
I hope you like it.


How about we make a post about the top 5 best ones according to yiur tastes instead of something kinda demeaning like this post…


It don’t have a neutral selector so I can’t answer the survey.

I created kaitou because I decided that if I was going to make it, I wanted to make it a story that could never be made official (mainline).
I didn’t want to make it a typical poetic justice(good-guy/punishment) story.

I like works that have unique systems and are sharply focused on a particular genre.


The good hacks are, to me, more memorable and more worth playing than vanilla games. That goes for other franchises as well. Final Fantasy 1-6 comes to mind. But as my handle suggests, that’s just my own personal bias lol


The thing with romhacks is that there’s so much to be seen. There are so many people with different talents, ideas, personalities, and stories all making hacks and it’s a treat to see what other people come up with, both gameplay-wise and story-wise. But hacks aren’t perfect-- I’m more of a writer myself, and I’m mostly proud of my own writing, but I don’t think myself as exceptional at designing gameplay. Usually, I find a lot of hacks are better at story or gameplay, but not usually both.

I’m somewhat neutral on this, but I lean closer towards the “better” option. Some hacks are good, others not so much; but so long as we continue to create, we’ll get better and we might make something amazing enough to rival the official games.

(I sound like a motivational speaker, don’t I, huh? Well, I hope it’s inspiring to some… but that’s enough of my rambling for now.)