Are combined portraits allowed?

When saying “combined portraits”, I mean portraits that where made with pieces of other portraits (hair, face and/or body) and changing its colors. Also, I’m referring to FE6, 7 and 8 portraits not those made by fellow members.

I know people don’t say anything when it happens in projects. But, what’s the stand when posted in #creative ? Would you ask for it to be removed or give the creator the property of the portrait?

I read the rules so that’s why I’m asking this. Another reason is because I heard, don’t remember from where, that if your idea/creation/art is more than 20% different to the one being compared to. It doesn’t fall into plagiarism/copyright issues. Or else Samsung and other companies wouldn’t have been able to make their first smartphones after reverse-engineering Apple’s one.


Combined portraits, or splices as they’re more commonly called are perfectly fine under the context of making fangames. They certainly still count as art and people have been doing them for over a decade.

I probably wouldn’t use them for commercial use if that’s what you mean. It’d still be using Nintendo assets +even if they are modified) and reselling them.

But if you’re just making a free fangames or a hack, it’s fine

We call them Splices and yes, they’re fine.

Yes, this is totally fine to do, Only thing you should pay attention to is that when Fan creators make assets they may tag it as Free to use/Free to edit to signify they are cool with this, if those tags are not there please contact them before using their art, other than that this is completely fine.