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Have a project that you want to get off the ground? A concept that needs that initial push? Need some neat little event trickery for a cool chapter mechanic in mind? Stalled for progress and need someone to do that chapter you’ve been procrastinating on forever?

Well, if you need any of that kinda help, why not hire the best? I was the original pupil of Nintenlord, the first to learn how to write with the Event Assembler he’d created. I’ve been doing this for years, have nearly finished a game of my own, wrote the tutorial for EA (multiple times); and now, my services can be yours.

Sample Works

Services Offered

Project Consultation: If you want someone to run through ideas with, I offer free consultation and planning/brainstorming assistance (via Skype, preferably) to anyone who is interested. Hell, I love doing this kind of stuff - so feel free to shoot the breeze with me whenever. If it’s an interesting concept, I’m down to offer whatever advice I can.

Eventing/Chapter Construction: $10/hour, I’ll make it to your exact specifications. Submissions can be either a script (if you want me to format the text, that obviously takes more time), or a detailed storyboard outlining the chapter’s events (sample below). You must already have the prerequisite maps for me to work with, obviously. If you need maps inserted, send me the .fmp files (it’s a quick process). It would also be wise to include a layout of the enemies, otherwise I’ll just put them where it “feels right” and you can sort through it yourself.

Judging based on the size of the map and script/storyboard, I will give an estimate of the amount of time required to complete the commissioned request.

As a promotional thing, I will do three chapters (one per person) free of charge; on the condition that I can record myself creating the chapter to provide a sample of the time required to realistically complete requests. Preferably I’d like to show a small chapter, a mid-sized one, and a large/endgame sized chapter to demonstrate with. Open to anyone.

Single Event Tricks: Pitch the idea to me, and I’ll whip it up. Time spent would likely be under an hour, and the cost would be calculated as (10 * (mins/60)), i.e. 20 minutes is $3 (rounded down from 3.33), 30 minutes is $5, 40 minutes is $7 (rounding up from 6.66), 45 minutes is $7.50. If it takes less ten minutes or less, it’s on the house.

I will notify you when I “clock in” and “clock out.” That way, an informal time card can be kept through chat logs. I’ll keep a stopwatch timer for each session, any time spent away from the work will not count towards paid time. You can stop me at any time.

The “If it Doesn’t Work” Policy: If what you receive does not work as intended, I will correct any errors free of charge.

Private Tutoring is also offered, at the rate of $30/2 hours (an hour isn’t really enough time to get something substantial done while also teaching someone).

Last but not least, “payment” is made via PayPal donation for the services provided. Most are offered in anticipation of a donation, which is a fair minimum wage for the labor involved.



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WHy u gotta hate bro

Seems legit enough. I might hit you up on skype to brainstorm stuff once I’m done with Alfred’s skills.
As for hiring you for event help, I have Alfred to assist me with whatever FE8 stuff I want to do, and I can mess with the game code to save myself from bending over backwards to get the EA to behave, so I’m good but it might be helpful for other folks. Good luck.

I wouldn’t trust this newfag, Brendor. I don’t even think he has any experience. Name ONE decent project ‘Arch’?! If that’s even really your name?!