(April Fools!) FE8 "HI FIDELITY" sound enhancement patch

edit 2022-4-2: April Fools! This patch actually changes the byte at $d06f4 to alter the playback sampling rate from 13379Hz down to 7884Hz, as well as adding some extra crunch to samples through the magic of running the raw data through a find-and-replace to scramble some of the bytes. As we all know, if there’s one thing GBA needs more of, it’s crunchy audio.

(yes, this is a screenshot of the game. The changes are all audio, but it still doesn’t feel right to upload a patch without a screenshot)


Salutations! Tonight, i’m happy to announce the completion of a new patch that will hopefully provide the groundwork for a lot of great-sounding projects. I have made a simple but fundamental change to the way sound is processed by the game such that a lot less memory is needed for processing sound and, i’m sure you’ll agree, the game will sound better than ever. This patch should be applied to a clean FE8 (U) rom but is a great start for any game with really groundbreaking music to build on this new super-efficient system.

Do keep in mind that this was tested with all emulator sound filters turned off, and for the best experience i would recommend you turn them off as well (for example, in VBA, go to options ->audio ->core settings and turn off all filtering and sound enhancement). This is the way the game is really meant to sound and in my opinion keeping the filters on means you lose out on a lot of acoustic nuance. As a matter of fact, FE8 is such a vivid new experience with this patch that i played through a substantial amount of the game while testing, just so i could hear what was next.



Finally, FE8 the way it was meant to be heard. :smiley:

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