April Fool's Day Hack



Will this have more chapters and an actual plot?

Thanks for your interest!

It is a quick demo to show the concept now. It came to me on the way to work yesterday and I made the prototype in several hours at night. It needs more polish, but considering it is a hack for April Fool’s Day, I released it anyway. I will improve it if people like the idea. It will have more chapters and an actual plot if more people join especially spritans and writers because I am not a native English speaker.

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Is there a way to play on phone gba emulator?

Also is the story based on hades and Persephone as shown on cover ?

Yes, of course. Play it using any GBA emulator you like.

Yes, but it only has one chapter so little story, and Chinese version has a little more story.

Ok then how do I open the file and what if it saids it’s corrupted or something and if the Chinese version has more story does it it’s the full version or no ? But either way what does hades look like if you don’t mind me asking

Apply English patch to US ROM and Chinese patch to JP ROM.