Anyone want help with maps?

I don’t know if this is the right place to post this but, I would like to put it out there that I would like to help make a rom hack, specifically helping with maps. Now I have tried to make a romhack before, but I’m just terrible at making good dialogue for even a simple story, so that’s why I’m posting this here as I want to help make an actual romhack. I am also willing to help with other aspects of the romhack like mugs and even animations.

Here is some examples of some maps I’ve made:






These are some nice maps! (Though #cartography would tell me you could add some more diverging roads.) I would have loved someone to collaborate with for maps in the past, but unfortunately my project (pokemblem) is just carbon copying the maps from the original game. (I have no real eye for mapping, so I figure I shouldn’t mess with the original maps.) Ah well.

You could also consider just having your thread re-categorized as “creative” and posting you maps there, making them all f2u and getting them shared in the graphics repo.

Thanks for sharing these and looking to collaborate. Most people just start a new project and then realize they don’t actually want to finish a 30 chapter project by themselves, so it’s really nice to see someone trying to join other people’s projects. I always welcome contributions, though my project really isn’t suited to traditional fe maps or anything sadly.

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Wow, these are some nice looking maps. My only complaint is that in some like the last few it can feel a bit tilespammy with the cliffs, grass, peaks, etc.

I’d be honored to have more help. Just message me here or on discord at serif#6201.

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Alright that’s a good idea!

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Yeah I know what you mean with the tile spamming, I have been experimenting with cliffs a bit too much I guess. I would love to help you with whatever your working on. I’m actually pretty novice when it comes to this romhacking stuff and just started experimenting with it last summer, but I know most of the basics.

Maps look good, my only complaint really is that it’s too “clean”. Like the cliffs are all perfectly even and straight. That last map for example the cliffs could be a space or two away from the mountains etc etc etc.

The trees are all the same shape. There isn’t variety in their designs it’s just 1 tree here and 1 there.

I also think there’s some shadows you can add to the exterior wall tiles

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Yes, thank you for helping me realize these mistakes. I am still a novice and have not fully learned how to use all the tilesets.

If your on the FEU discord and have time at some point. I would be willing to teach you the ins and outs of how tile mapping works and what habits to build. So that you can build your own maps to be the best that they can be.

yeah I would be very grateful if you would be willing to do that, I don’t know how busy I’ll be today though.

Yeah you should absolutely join the feu discord and ask people for feedback on a map in #cartography

Those people are insane and notice the smallest things that could be improved

ya know I always wondered how people make such awesome maps that look perfect.