Anyone have tille set with Fe8 field 1 but with insted of villages there are houses and instead of seea ther are walls?

i tried croping it it should look somthing like this atlleast

I don’t believe it’s possible for a tileset like that to exist

If I remember correctly the field and village tilesets have completely different palettes and tile configurations, and wouldn’t be usable together without heavy changes


Are you trying to refer to the normal village tileset…?

yah, but i also need the castles (gate) and mountine tilles

Do you have a map or something that uses this tileset you’re talking about or is this just a request?


I made such data.
There are improvements in multiple map tiles in this zip file

This is a hack to add a 1x1 size store to the town tile.
The reason why I would like to use the town’s tile set is to create walls.
However, the shops in the town are all using 3 x 3 masses.
So I transplanted the 1 x 1 shop to the town tile set.

With this modification,
Using the town map set, you can set up a 1 x 1 shop while using walls.

I think he meant to have a fields tileset with the ocean tiles replaced with the wall tiles, and the villages with big houses and castles. Not hard to do with a bit of metatile gaming, but it can be time-consuming, and it really depends on how many tiles can it fit.
Also, a bit of knowledge of how to edit the metatile map, image-manipulation programs and checking up on the tileset configuration.

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here what im traing to do . i want the castel to be up there on a clif where the boss will be

and i also want the down setcion to have vilage tiles and walls so it dosent look teribel like this
and becuse i dont need the sea tilles i whould replace them with wall tiles from for or village want or fences