Anyone feel like scripting a text converter?

So, I was wondering if anyone wanted to tackle a simple FEditor to FEXP/FEXNA text converter. I imagine for the people on this site, it wouldn’t be difficult at all. I can explain any quirks like how [A] becomes | and etc. I can offer $25 to anyone who takes it up, and again it should be really, really easy.

Oh, the preferably language is C#, same language as FEXNA, but other languages would be acceptable too.

Couldn’t you just make a text dump and perform a Search and Replace? I imagine that, moreover, the next spacing issues would be the big problem…

You think I wanna do that over and over again every time I have some text to transfer? Everytime I do it I’m bound to miss something at some point. There’s also the matter of romhack to fexna conversion, since Yeti and I want to add as many tools as possible to make the conversion easy. A drag-n-drop text reformatter would be very ideal.

words words because fuck discourse’s editing system

Could you supply a list of FEXNA’s text commands?

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This is a bit much to take in. Read it and then ask more questions and I’ll elaborate.