Any zero damage or infinite HP code that doesnt stay when I disable it?

So im playing a hack with a bull@$% chapter and im tired of it.
Tried an infinite HP code but the effects stay in the next chapter even after disabling it.
So is there a code that instead make enemies deal zero damage? Hopefully one that doesnt alterate the stats of my units. Thanks.

You can freely edit stats while playing via febuilder. The debugger “connect to emulator…” has a units page and you can double click stats and things to edit their values. It also has a “win chapter” button.

Hope that helps.

additionally, maybe instead of cheating, give the creator feedback on why you’re having issues and see if they can address the problem


or just play a better hack

(Though at least tell the hack creator which chapter you rage quit on.)

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Thanks for the info.
I was able to do it without cheats but still think they went over board (Basically a chapter where the boss is in a small room surrounded by Dragons and constantly spawning spider women, both of them with attacks that negate resistance all with the same attack area. The dragons don’t move but you don’t know that unless you get in their attack area because the devs don’t bother to show that the dragons are stationary. Plus the boss attacking area being of 3 spaces so not much room to attack the enemies without getting into the boss’s area of attack and he of course hits like a truck with 100% certainty. Managed to beat it after realizing the dragons don’t move and the spiders spawn every 2 turns, still struggled because boss is only damageable with special weapons but the few reliable hitters was the MC with only 12 hit of damage with the boss around 90 hp. Honestly I wouldn’t ever dream of beating such stage legit)

It’s hard for me to give feedback because I’m naturally bad at FE, if it wasn’t for save states and the casual modes of newer games I would never get into the series, specially when it seems like low hit rates seem irrelevant to enemies but totally screws me over if any of my units hit rates isn’t 85+.

Still strange that no cheat that gives actual invulnerability, the infinite HP hack is good but you can still possibly die if the enemy doubles and critics you in the same turn. Such cheat should exist since as I’ve said the ones that modify your stats sill stick even after it’s set off.

Why not post on the project’s thread? They may never see this if you only post it here.

They seem set in their ways like game does not sell Javelins or hand axes and some people did mention it but they never added them in.
And again the complain might come from a casual which doesn’t seem to be the target audience of these hacks.
Well I’m enjoying it so its in the past by now.
Still would be nice to have a cheat like the one I mentioned for endings/pairing farming.