Animation not compiling

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I have been trying to make an magic animation for centaurs but it’s not working. If I put the Magic_008 sprite on the script, an error appears. If i remove it, it keeps building it forever. I’m sure it’s not the pallete, i ran it through usenti countless times, I’m new to scripting, so maybe that’s the problem?
here’s a doc with the files, if someone is willing to help me

…for future reference, you should note what the error message is that you’re getting. Screenshot it if it’s too complicated to type up.

Anyway i have no idea what you’ve been doing to these poor images but there are like 26 unique colours in there and the backgrounds aren’t even all the same in all of them, so yeah, palettes were definitely an issue. Even if your individual images are 16 colours, it’s important to ensure they’re all the same 16 colours or things will break. It might help to draw all your frames in a single document and cut it into frames later so individual images don’t turn out wrong.

Your script was also missing the tildes over mode 9 which made it not compile.

I’ve fixed it and now it appears to insert properly.

Also, don’t used FEditor its depreciated and outdated

oh my, sorry for the incovenience and thanks for helping, really. I’m new to this, next time i won’t use photoshop for sprite work hahaha. Also, what’s the alternative to FeEditor?

Feditor is long obsolete. If you’re just starting out, FEBuilder is the tool I would recommend using.

Hahahaha i didn’t even parse that it was FEditor, i just saw it started with FE and filled in builder out of habit.

But yes op please switch to febuilder it is so much better.

yep, didn’t know it could do it as well, much better. Also, is there a photoshop/usenti feature to quickly check and change the pallete of several sprites at the same time?

Since all your images share the same palette, you can draw everything in a single image and then cut out individual frames from it.

Like so.

Of course that’s not great for really big animations but for something with relatively few frames like this it works fine.

can’t believe i didn’t think of this earlier…