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I’ve resolved to ask a question here despite being shy. I’m importing an OC of mine into fe8 but I’d like for them to have a somewhat custom sage animation (i’ve only changed the color of some pixels) but FEBuilder refuses to acknowledge my changes for a reason i cannot find. I’m wondering if anyone would have an answer for me

This is what I’m trying to import; the changes are the eyes, a few hair pixels sharing the color of the cloak and the cloaks end’s being a different color rather than skin color. I would include an image but for some reason FEU doesn’t allow me to :frowning:

What ends up happening is the cloak’s end (the skin color) just gets completely deleted and is replaced with the cloaks main color whenever my work is imported into the rom.

Hopefully these explanations are enough for someone to understand where the problem could be :')


Hello! I think I may know what’s the problem.

GBA games, and old games in general, tend to have a limit of colors for sprites. This is called a palette. And battle animations, in this case, have a 16 color palette. 1 of those colors is reserved for the “transparent” background color, and another is used for the black outline. So really, you only have 14 colors to work with.

If you try to add more colors over the 16 limit, the game will automatically correct it and replace it with the closest existing color. So you should work within those limits.

Most animations will follow a standard for distributing colors. You have:

  • 1 transparent background color
  • 1 black for the outline
  • 3 colors for the hair
  • 3 colors for the skin
  • 3 colors for 1 cloth
  • 3 colors for another cloth
  • 2 extra colors for effects or more cloth

You can try combining color slots to have more space for other colors. At the top right corner of the animation frames there’s a 2x8 rectangle of colored pixels. This is your palette. Here you can see what colors are being used, and you can tweak them to get something the result you desire.

You could also try posting an Imgur link so we can help you further.

The imgur link didn’t work as well. I think they don’t allow me to upload that kind of stuff since I’m still fairly new to the website.

I tried doing what you told me to do and i do indeed have a total of 16 colors including the transparency and the outline but it still uploads like the 3rd image, though now it tells me there’s an error unlike last time.

I also lowkey didn’t know there was a palette in the top right corner so i edited that with the right colors but it still didn’t work :')

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You have don’t have to edit the palette. you can edit the frames without editing the palette and then change the colors in FEBuilder after importing. Because if you edit just the palette without changing the rest of the image, the image itself goes over 16 colors, and that still counts as an error.

If you need in-depth help, you can DM me here, and I’ll give you my Discord so I can give you a step-by-step guide.

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