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I usually use the gba class name with weapon prefixed - Axe Cavalier and Axe Knight. Generally that’s just internal though, ingame I just name them all Cavalier or Knight.

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So, I scritped the Princess Celica animation made by RedBean. Credit goes to RedBean for the images.

Princess Celica


Holy shit, 48 upvotes? I’ve never seen a number that high, and that FAST, in all my time at FEU.

Honestly i think IS shall hire him/her to make FE6/7/8 REMASTERED.

It is 57 now, and I am shocked,too.


For the record; the number one post on FEU has 76 upvotes. Your animation is now at #2 across the whole site.

People freaking love Lilina!

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I made a reddit post describing a remake of FE6 with Lilina as a second lord with a special class and stuff. That looks exactly as I imagined

Hey there!

Thanks to RedBean, we get another Celica animation. This time it’s her unpromoted priestess self. Many thanks to RedBean for the frames so I could script them.

In another notice, I updated the Princess Celica link because I changed the script a bit.

Priestess Celica
Sword Magic


If only we could get Lilina to 69 upvotes. Come on, guys! Smash that like button!

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Will that unlock what achievements?

There, I was the 69th. :wink:


70th from me.:+1:


Only missing 6

Whoo! Seventy hearts!

Nine more upvotes and Lilina will be the highest upvoted post on the site! The goal is to surpass 78 hearts in the Sacred Echoes topic!

everybody go un-heart the sacred echoes topic!
please don’t


Can’t unheart something after a certain time period has passed. I think it’s like 1 hour or 24 hours. I’ve never tested it because a Jedi never goes back on his word.


We’re at 74!

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I am so proud of this community

#80. Boom.

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Sacred Echoes is 81, and Lilina is 80.

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