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whatchu talkin’ bout willis


perfect crime


Updated The Eirika Lord so that the whole cape is one color
The link is still the same


Recolor of Myrth from FE8

Might try to make a FE7 compatible version later.


cool men cool


Ephraim recolor sword animation finished its in the same package as the lance recolor but I’ll post the link again for good measure


Is it just me or does the link to the General with Axe(alternate) take you to the download for the General with bow?


Rebecca Ranger Animation (Bows + Swords)


is awesome men (Rep)


I can’t fix that link due to not having the animation myself, but iirc @Arch posted them up, so perhaps he’ll see this and resolve this problem.


Rouge with Staves


Credit: Myself for the animation, Feaw for the pallete edit. Free to use and edit with proper credit.

It only works on the palette edit by Feaw, do not use it alongside the default Rogue. Enjoy


Oof, that looks good

might use that sometime


Thanks, it feels good to finally give back to this community.


Finally finished Great Lord Eirika Recolor


Finished Ephraim Great Lord

I’ve now accomplished my goal of palette modding the FE8 Lords
Now they all work under the same palette


I’ve got some bow using horsemen here that I made a while back for a project I’m working on, and I thought I might as well share the finished products.

Bow Cavalier (female)

Bow Paladin (female)


I didn’t even know I wanted this.


Well, well, that’s quite convenient, I had a need for a bow knight, and Ranger/Nomad wasn’t cutting it. Thank you!


my that’s a nice great knight, wonder who made it

sorry i really hated doing the entire thing but am glad that I did, nice bow cav, it tickles my insides


C-Can I insert this in Midnight Sun? It’s outright beautiful!