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I personally think it’s fine. I don’t mind scrolling to go soul searching for a cool animation if it means I get to see all the cool stuff other people have made. For example, that Mia Swordmaster animation was holy and my friend who loves mia enjoyed the crud out of it.

Although if I did screw up in the way I posted mine, whoops.


Honestly, don’t feel responsible. Truly and earnestly, I don’t think anyone is ‘to blame.’ It’s partially a limitation of discourse and partially that this kind of stuff becomes almost impossibly unwieldy to keep up to date with. If everyone’s posting their own uploads, every single animation is prone to dropping and maintenance grows exponentially.

My post wasn’t to point fingers, but to address an issue that I think is worth discussing.


Forcing people to post their animations twice to prop up a dying horse isn’t going to keep it alive.

I do/did not intend to make people post things twice. That, to me, is actually bad since it makes things more difficult for the creator to maintain and update.

I’ll also freely admit that plenty of people don’t care for this thread. I do. I just haven’t physically had time and thus never noticed just how much was missing.

Perhaps it was presumptive of me to declare this thread dead without first starting a discussion

This is the only complaint I have. No one person decides “hey this thing is old and bad”, the group as a whole ought to do that.

I don’t even care about “[giving] Klok credit” nor do I belive this is particularly worth debating nor anyone’s effort: Putting a “see here” as opposed to a full “this thread is old and bad” would be more appropriate in my opinion. It’s not really “deprecated”, it’s just fallen out of favor for the new blood and that’s perfectly acceptable and honestly a good thing that people look at the two and decide they enjoy one over the other.

The fact that this leads to the current situation of one being awful and the other being good is the same to me.

I was particularly upset that day in particular for other reasons that have no relevance, which is why I just reverted the opening blurb instead of starting discussion myself.


If anyone can make it’s battle animations works i will try to make a map sprite as well.


I’d argue that the root of the confusion stems from this site itself:

If I want to see a Library / Directory
I have to set the search to “Resources” and then select “Top”
and even then you won’t find everything.

Why can’t the mods pin the “core” topics to the top of the homepage
so that everyone knows where to post their stuff
instead of letting the hundreds of board members to selectively choose what to bookmark?

And the graphics part is kinda ok. Most works are grouped either here or the other topic.
Have you tried searching for music?

And I’d also pin some blame to the creators themselves:
You are creating dropbox links and you forget to maintain them and make back ups of them.
Can’t you guys just get some USBs with the exclusive job of backing up your DropBox?

The creators of this and of the other graphic repository are the last to be blamed
for problems that started from others.


So, can we talk about how I fucked up in the War Monk release and forgot to change two numbers in the script files?

Staff_007 Staff_008
Pictured here: Attack frames used as dodge frames.

Staff_027 Staff_028
Pictured here: Intended Dodge Frames

Here’s the updated file. Credits to @Author_Pendragon for the Staff Map sprites!


The giving klok credit thing was just a joke on my part :slight_smile: what’s the point of buds if you can’t give 'em shit.

The rest, all agreed on!


Sheesh, I can’t rest with having broken-ass anims can I?

After a few reports of Axe and Handaxe in the Ephraim Repack being broken, I reuploaded an update that fixes the issue. Download link should be the same, but have at you, just in case!


I think I did it fast enough this week, didn’t I?
It may not be so fast for some time to come.



Beautifully fluid.
I love the sword critical.


Well, upon checking it, a friend and I have some observations:

  • The sprite surpasses the 16-color palette limit (15 colors plus Background color).
  • Speaking of the palette, the colors aren’t very good in some parts, to say the least. (For example, Celica uses purple on her second hair shade.)
  • The sprite needs to define the features better and have a better color distribution.

The animation looks fine, otherwise.


Thank you, DerTheVaporeon. Your opinions are very accurate.
The first mistake actually I noticed and corrected, but it looks like I forgot to fix the preview.

The other two points are that I am inexperienced and intentionally want to try this way, but it seems to have been screwed up.:pensive:

In a word, thank you very much for your pertinent advice.


So how do I choose the color this time?I want to know what you think of her.



Looks like it’s going to be really good, and she’s beautiful.
I’d recommend counting the amount of colors used on the battle sprite.


Thank you.
Of course,I’ll take care of my little princess carefully.:face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Based on Greentea’s unfinished Linus animation…

With the power of working for free because this started as not my project and it became something entirely different and I need to do commissions to get myself a phone smh Klok’s motivation and Peerless’s cheers…

Here I bring you, Athlete/Linus!
Sword_000%20(8) Axe_000 Handaxe_000

This took aproximately 3 months to finish, and I would like to thank Klok and Peerless for their motivation, as well as Pikmin’s and Nuramon’s. As usual, I’ll credit 'em, as well as Greentea, who made the original animation.

Durandal_000 Basilikos_000 Disarmed_000

Download here!


This time I combined Nino with the falcoknight. Should it be called the Magic Falcoknight?
nino nino-staff nino%EF%BC%88no-weapon%EF%BC%89


That is fantastic! Awesome to see a magic user with a tome in their hands.


now all we need is someone to script it and we’ll be hype


I suggest this one @RobertFPY