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Thank you! :smiley:
I should make my stills/mug/other stuff thread sometime while I can


The sword threw me off; almost like ephriam became a swordmaster out of nowhere lol

Other than that critique, it looks good



Go go Ephraim Rangers!


Go go Ephraim Rangers!



Go go Ephraim Rangers!

Mighty Heroes Ephraim Rangers!




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Will you make Ephraim Rangers version promoted? And Ephraim using Dagger too.


Nuramon’s Dismounted GK Ephraim exists for that, but I would need to make bows and crossbows for that, and permission. :joy:

Unless you meant the mounted Great Lord, that is. :thinking:

I’ll need a break, though. War Monk is next.


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My boy @Nuramon detected a issue in time, so I hotfixed the following:

  • Crossbow: The quiver being missing during the critical animation and the dodge.

  • Sword: Ranged Attack Dodge used a wrong frame.

Download should be about the same, but just in case, here you go.


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Deserter (lance bandit)



This is the lance-using bandit animation/map sprite used in Bloodlines, which I meant to release to the public earlier but forgot. It’s called “Lanceman” in BL as well as in the image files, but I’ve taken to calling it “Deserter” because “weapon plus -man suffix” isn’t very elegant as a class name in my opinion. It’s pretty obviously based on the “less generic soldier” animation I made a while back, but it is intended to be a Soldier replacement for bandits or any other faction where you want to give them lance users without the weirdness of “Cavaliers” and “Knights” who are also bandits. Because it was originally made as an enemy-only class, I have no plans for promoted or female versions.

Kudos on the Ephraim; it’s really cool! I always wished Efriam could have more weapons. Ephrem is an underrated animation and now we can have better Efryams in our Ephræm games! Efraeiouym!


Yes sir, mounted version please.


Late to the party but:


Get in Gear!


You’re welcome, Der. I’m glad to be of help.

But that’s not the only thing I wanted to say.
Some of you might wondering what I was doing the whole time…
Well I’m still animating but the RL is getting the best part of me lately and thus progress is kinda slow.

In the meantime I’ve been working on some things for Gamma’s Project “Sacred Echoes” which is likey to apear in the next bigger update.
And what I’m bringing you today is also related to that.

Meet the

Villagers (FE15)

_Ani_Sword _Ani_Sword

Credits: Nuramon

Get them here!


Impressive animations on those villagers. Very smooth.


I like this new class, Deserter is a good name for a lance bandit, It’s free to use? I’m interested in using it in my hack.


Damn those nail the feel of the villagers flawlessly. You are truly a wizard.


Anything in this directory is free to use with proper credit.


So, I found this in one of the animation request topics and I scripted it, tested it out and it works fine. Would it be okay to upload it?


Yep. Just credit the orinigal spriter and yourself for the scripting and post the download link


So I found the thread here.

After searching for the sprite sheet source, the animations were made by metalflygon08.

Here’s the link for the file

Edited for lack of permissions for the animation; will update when more information is found.


nicely done my friend