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Petition to Rename Dozlazerker to Derzerker.

Epic anim. I like how they step back before attacking.


Pirate (F):

Credit: @Waleed


The one thing I don’t get: why does he scratch his head before the crit with a helmet on? Lmao.

Otherwise, great animation!


Thank you, Arch.

Yeah, Derzerker is more appropriate. Perhaps Kenzerker… I dunno…

EDIT: Name is fix.


An edit of The Blind Archer’s handaxe animation to make it do magic.


I made a “remake/edit” from Binding Blade with the boots of @Greentea’s Erk!sage.

Credit not needed



Green tea?
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Mage Cavalier <img src="/uploads/default/original/3X/a/9/a9fbe450fcc8a59342e7061f40ad046ca001fc90.png" width=188" height=“139”>


Looking at these cool battle animations make my mouth water. Can someone guide me how i can make my own battle animations? Is there any tool which makes this job easy? Any response will be highly appreciated :smiley:


Have you ever sprited before, talha? Or are you starting from the absolute basics? Pop into the FEU Discord and have a chat with the lead spriters. AFAIK, Circles started off spriting at the absolute basics not even three years ago and now he’s one of the better battle spriters in the community. People like him can give you all sorts of help, as well as teach you how to actually format stuff for insertion.

FEU Discord:


Thanks. That will be very helpful :+1:


For some unknown reason, I made a bald priest.

You know, if you want to get your Wrys on or something.


Actually. I ran into something rather obnoxious when I was mucking about, so: here is a palette fix for the priest/cleric that separates the lightest skin colour from the robe because the priest sprite has three unused colours and this doesn’t need to be a thing argh. (Includes bald priest too, because. Edit: and now also my bigger, buff-er priest edit with and without Moulder head, too)

And because I had two colours left over, I separated the staff as well because why not. e: and the cleric’s… strap? around the headpiece now uses the same colours as the staff and doesn’t share skin/hair colours.

(There is already another healer repalette, but it separates the robe and cloak and still shares a skin colour with the outfit.)


Hi, I posted a few months ago and nobody said something bad so… I think i can consider them finished.

I’ve created an animation using a magic whith a staff (magical staff) for pony tail Trou and Val. I also created a little modification with a diamdem. I also decided create a Trou and Val with a Sacean horses.

First of all I don’t know whe gifs are so fast. They are a sum up of different animations I said before all of them using that magical staff as bishops


Did you export the gifs with FEBuilder? It isn’t timed correctly. Yeti’s gif thing fixes that. It’s in the repository on Shin’s website, I believe.

Shin will add this to his site, now :slight_smile:


ok sorry for the spam but I updated the priest palette package with my buff priest and Moulder variant and a small readme. I shouldn’t need to do anything else with it now!

[quote="seergiioo, post:655, topic:457"]staff[/quote]

It bugs me a bit when the magic effect shows behind her head, because it looks to me like she’s holding the staff out in front of her.


I try to use this over the old Priest/Cleric, the Cleric works but I get a Battle Animation Error for the unarmed Cleric: “There’s no image in Battle Anime mode: 11” And for the normal priest, the palette for the unarmed priest is completely messed up and the staff animation has a “Image is too large” error


Final edit: you were right about the mode 11, but even apart from that, apparently somewhere since the last time I updated febuilder, it decided to change how it interprets palettes or something? Which is definitely cool and good and not at all obnoxious!! It might work now.

[details=Old]That’s odd, because I made sure to try and import everything before uploading it. I’ll give it another look, hold on a bit.

Edit: Seems to work for me, both FE7 and FE8.

As for palette issues, have you tried changing the previously-unused colours?

Edit edit: Although apparently the game crashes when she’s attacked at range??? What.
Apparently all the unarmed dodges break at range???

e: going to make a separate thread about this so as to not clog this up.[/details]