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I never uploaded this animation. Saki reminded me. Sorry i dont have a gif


Greentea animation: I only wrote script for them.
Kenneth Bishop:

Lucius Bishop:

Louise Sniper:

Karla Myrmidon:

Karla Swordmaster:

Karel Swordmaster:

Elibean Nights - Final Version (Gamma Testing)

Great job! Those are Kenneth of Black Fang, you got Lucius and Louise, Myrmidon and Swordmaster Karla with the last one being Karel


Nice job man! :thumbsup:
You really saved me some work and time. xD
I was about to script some of these myself but I didn’t had the time to do so. (fortunately I’d say now :grinning:)


As I mentioned earlier, there is something I want to release after my animation showcase from FEE3 did drop. So here it is:

Inspired by Hectors newest iteration from FE Heroes Choose Your Legends 2.

The Brave Hector!

It comes with the complete weapon triangle and an unique animation for Armads!




That’s all for the moment. I hope you enjoy it.


awesome man is amazing


Due to popular demand, (and because we should’ve done so in the first place) here’s a package for the cavalier with generic palettes this time
Download SalvCav w-palettes

If you just want the palettes themselves, their values are:

Blue: 8076FF7FFF5BFE3EF431356B2B5A464110424A29895266299842B0250A19A514
Red: 8076FF7FFF5BFE3EF4317D4E3925D118D1350A1D3525CC187446AF2D091DA514
Green: 8076FF7FFF5BFE3EF431534F6A2A88215A225301F43E2F261C4316264E19A514
Purple: 8076FF7FFF5BFE3EF431BA76B3592D3133524C35D1450B299C73D356AC35A514

Team SALVAGED Cavalier Release

Berserker with staff


This makes me hopeful for the day that Heroes can wield Staves.


Doesn’t beat the enemy over the head with the staff, break the staff, then pull out another identical staff/10


I wanna bring something up in here, not sure if anybody has.

I used the Armored Brigand, the Hand Axe animation seems to have a problem.
The attacking works but apparently when the player attacks the animation comes to a complete stop.
I brought it up to 7743 thinking the character’s attack animation had a problem but it was just the hand axe Armored Brigand.

If anybody can bring this problem up to The Blind Archer right? Not sure if its only me but I wanted to bring it up in here.


I think the animation frames are not correctly arranged. One could maybe fix them by comparing them to the normal bandit one`s.


I vaguely recall a similar issue when I made Rebecca an Armor Brigand in FE7CM, and eventually reverted her back. I’ll add it to my notes.


Awesome! Glad I was able to bring it up to you guys.

Hopefully it can be fixed.


Hello there. My friend said that he was free to use his pictures. He has two ID names in China: 火纹晓菜鸟 and Red Bean.
This is the picture he provided:

Thank you :grinning:


Holy shit that’s a masterpiece





new meme emoji :slight_smile:


Lilina with axe animations when? Greentea, your friend did a awesome job creating those.

Oh Klok! I come to bear great news, all thanks to @7743 for looking into the problem with the Armored Brigand’s Handaxe animation.


Thank you.

I wrote a supplementary explanation in Discord(Ngmasion).
Since FEU can not attach zip, I asked for updates instead.

When “Handaxe” of “Fighter” counterattacks with “Handaxe” of “Brigand M (Armored)”, it will freeze.
This is because “Handaxe” of “Brigand M (Armored)” is written with wrong animation end as follows.

C01                                     #NOP
C0D                                     #End of dodge animation. preceeded by 0x06
C06                                     #Begin opponent's turn after code 0D.

The positions of C06 and C0D are opposite.
This should be fixed as follows.

C01                                     #NOP
C06                                     #Begin opponent's turn after code 0D.
C0D                                     #End of dodge animation. preceeded by 0x06