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@greentea you go release is animations


Most of them was made by greentea.


Hello everyone, I am green tea, I am from China. My English is not very good, so I don’t know how to make up my words under many situations.
I have 3 accounts: GREENTEA, QIUZF007 and Hizero. (All of them are mainly used in Chinese cyberspace)
The characters in the picture below are all made by me.

Everyone can use them in this address:
The character in this picture is made by one of my Chinese friends. His name is CIPHER LEE.

The character in this picture is made by one of my Chinese friends. His name is火纹晓菜鸟

The last picture is made by another Chinese friend. His name is DIS.

Thank you


Here you come,pal. 老哥不要慌:grinning:


those animation looked so nice. Do your friend’s animations allowed for edit and use?


hey @greentea in what time you post the animations?


Hello there. If i remember correctly. It should be the first time I posted this picture of my painting.


These look very nice. I am not the guy who can make animations xD
Actually it would be interesting to use them in a clean FE7 for the specific charakter :smiley:
Is there a download link anywhere or something?


What I have to say to all this.


And I mean it in a good way of course, knowing what belongs to who is always great.

Greentea your custom animations for each character is really awesome! Especially the ones by your friends as well.


I went through and updated my WIP Repo to make sure all animations were credited properly, as per Greentea’s clarification post.


@Greentea That’s something I’d like to know as well.
To my knowlegde your’s and Chiper Lee’s stuff is free to use and edit. But I don’t know if it’s the same for the others too.

Quite the number of greentea’s animations are already in the repo :wink:


@nuramon you go make the animations of the all gif?


Here’s the SoA Griffon and Arbalest, credit to Ayr.
Map sprite credit: Toaomr

Now nobody should have to use that anemic Griffon animation that’s already out there.




Made a little Dark Druid staff animation
the one below is the bigger athos staff


Wasn’t that staff is small? Why not chose some bigger staff? I mean, there is many staff look cooler and bigger than normal staff


hmm, okie


It’s not the size of the staff, but how you magic with it that matters.


Well it took me nearly two months to find some spare time for this matter but here it is:
I added a version with a broad sword
For comparison:
regular sword vs broad sword

Both versions are available so one can choose which he/she prefers.

Nuramon, Iscaneus (for the idle sprite)

kind regards

PS: I’ll release another complete animation pack after FEE3 :wink:
Some of you might know what it’ll be. For those who doesn’t, stay tuned.


Mainly credit to DerTheVaporeon for animating this.
A edit of his Jojaffar making him able to throw knifes.


Can you do one for Rogue possibly? Thinking about something.