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Recently found this site and especially this Directory and I had to make an account to join in and to say thanks to everyone who has uploaded their works here, these are all incredible. I’m glad the spriting community is still going this strong. I have a few things I want to try and work on so hopefully I can add to this someday.

@Nuramon that Zelgius is a work of pure art


thanks Silver!
Good to see that more and more people are interested in spriting. :ok_hand:
If you seek critique the #spritans channel on our discord server is the best place to look for.


Hello guys, made a Tethys animation that works with FE7
The video example
Fixes graphical issues with importing the raw Tethys to FE7, and adds a “S” command at the beginning to play the music you like, If you want to NPC and Enemies to use dancer rings there are instructions in the Video, not sure if the AI knows how to use them…But they get the command.
Here is the Link:


Ah. Thank you!


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Some of you might remember the FE10-Knight I made back in march.
I happen to see this one in a teaser video for an upcoming project a little while ago.
It was one of my very first custom animations and I was really happy with the result.
But… when I saw it in the teaser I was kinda shocked how clanky it is though!

Well I think you already figured where this is leading to xD
I adjusted it to my current standard of quality.

But have a look for yourself:

old vs new:

Credits: Nuramon, Iscaneus (for the idle sprite)[/details]

Naturaly it contains all weapon types that it had before.

That’s it for the moment.
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muuch better


I’ve always felt that the spear was really really long, while the axe is super super small; idk, might just be me


Nah, it’s not just you. Great animations, but the axe and the sword seem a bit too small to me.

Nuramon, you should do an animation showcase for FEE3. :+1:


Yeah the spear could be a bit shorter but I’m fine with how it is right now.
The sword and axe just looks so small in comparison to the spear. They are nearly the same size as the ones made by The Blind Archer though. With the axe a few pixels smaller and the sword a few pixels longer than the forementioned counter parts.

Funny enough I was thinking of this a while ago but I have zero experience in making videos though
So I don’t know how to do that >.<


Fair, but Dei’s armors are much smaller; they’re 38 px high while yours are 43px–this is not the place for this lol, uhhh you gotta make a thread man XD


I think they look small in comparison to the body, not just the spear. Tbh I thought Dei’s sword was too small, I always imagined them as a heavier blade type user.


I have one but it’s kinda old though xD

That’s a neat idea. I might change that in the near future.


Hello fellow FEU dwellers, does one of you know a source for female axe cavalier animations?
I would be very grateful for this.


I did something for the Black Falcon Knight. Not finished yet but I just write down this here. Link updated later
No need to credit me, but you need to credit @shadowofchaos for the Falcon Knight Staves and The Blind Archer for the Black Falcon Knight



Oh nice, now Black Beauty in on par with the other falcos :smiley:


I thought this was uploaded but apparently it never was?

Male troub and male valk
Credit: @GabrielKnight


The Valkyrie F folder has an error. The moving sprite is for Troubadour, not Valkyrie, in it.