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That’s the point of the directory; anyone can use it…


Hi there, I wanted to share this one with you guys :
This is a little modification for the thief animation, giving them a hood and having them slice instead of jab.

Slicing Thief

Feel free to use it if you like it!

PS: I was lazy and didn’t use the 3 hair colors anywhere. You can try to use them to customize this animation a bit more!


ahhh it looks so much better


With the permission of Dinar87 for sprite, So I made this animation.





Đẹp đấy bạn thân @@


Those sound effects need work tho


Sup guys :wave:

Guess what? I have some animations for you! xD
Some of them are new, some are just updates for existing ones. But see for yourself :wink:

various snipers (update)

Some of you might know that I made edits to the sniper animations.
Welp although the may look pleasing they all share one major flaw.
I made the snapback / recoil of the bow way to big which is unrealistic.
With this update I’m adressing this mistake.

for the case that some might prefer the snapback-version I just added a version without it.

  • Temp and Wan for Rebecca
  • Swain for the generic sniper
  • Nuramon for the edits
Greil (Alondite + regular axe)

This is an simple edit that adds Alondite and a more default/regular axe to Greils arsenal.
(I know, he never used Alondite but I wanted to give it to him regardless xD)


  • Cipher Lee: original animation
  • DerTheVaporeon: script and formating to make it insertable
  • Nuramon: Alondite + regular axe
unmounted Great Lord Ephraim (update)

Well I found a few errors in the script and frames which I want to fixe with this update.
But that’s not all! I also added an new animation to the package. :wink:
Namely I added an anim for his legendary spear Siegmund based on the footage of FE Heroes:

Get the package here:

Credits: Nuramon

And last but certaintly not least!

Zelgius 2.0

The ones of you who follow the #spritans channel on discord might have seen this already.
For the ones who didn’t see it:
I’m currently working on a completely new Zelgius animation.

Zelgius was the reason why I did start to animate. And he also was the first char I made an animation for. This was during christmas '17 and the anim sucks in my eyes now. So I decided to give it another shot. And I gotta admit I’m quite pleased with the result.

For reference, this was the first one:

And this is the new one:

I also wanted to see how far I’ve come in merely 8 months. xD

At the moment it only consists of the sword and unarmed anim but I plan to make the spear next.

Credits: Nuramon

That is what I was working on the past few weeks.
I hope you enjoy these animation :slight_smile:

Kind regards


@Nuramon always coming out of nowhere with a bunch of cool animations
Where is my option to give awards lol


That Zelgius is to die for!


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haha that’s what I’m here for xD
jokes aside I’m just doing what I’m good at and I certaintly find joy in it.

And seeing that other people enjoy my work too, is quite flattering. xD
Thank you all for your support!


Your skill really is amazing, everyone, praise Nuramon!!


Nuramon is our king! But who would be the queen? :slight_smile:


The feet, walking, and jumping sfx are all a bit clunky. Any chance you could tweak those and make some different choices?

Do love that you ported the animation for Dinar, though. Been looking forward to it!


Ok, I’ll try


How about they now?


man, you forgot to share them, you only get the link :slight_smile:


Those are restricted access. You set the files to private mode or sth.


One week ago I did submit the first bits of my Zelgius.
Now I’m here bringing you the missing ones!

[details=Zelgius 2.0] This time I gave him Alondite and a lance.

Credits: Nuramon

I’m now done with this animation package. :smile: