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Thanks to the efforts of a few people in the discord, namely mysticShadow, @2WB and @P33RL355, we managed to find and assemble a fully working Female Assassin animation based off the “Ponytail w Pants” variant currently in the repo but unfinished. Now, I’m not positive who originally created the animation or who finished everything bu the unarmed animation, but I looked around and they might be credited to “moocavo” and “riku”. The unarmed frames and script are mine but those weren’t very hard. Anyway, here it is for everyone else to use and have colorful assassins in their hacks:


The link 404’d


He reposted it in the Animation Repository thread, and it has all the new weapon types.

I need to update the repo when I have time. Got six new animations to add to it.


Why are the links in the Animation Repository all broken?


Which ones? I just downloaded a few earlier this week.
@ the person listed next to the animation


I can’t download anything


I don’t know why; the links work fine for me


That is weird because a week ago the links worked for me too


Lilina dress ponytail mage
Long hair female mage animation tweak


Ishtar sage magic is broken ( the staff one work though)
Edit: as Dancer_a said : @Brendor (scripting), @L95 (animation)


if there are problems with downloading it


Hi guys :wave:

It’s been a while since me last post but don’t think I was lazy
well at least not all the time though xD

This is what I’ve been doing lately:

The armored Dragon Lord

It comes with animations for all physical weapon types!
Addotionally I’ve improved the Bow animation.


Nuramon: armored versions, reworked bow anim
Great-Aether: for the waist armor
Feaw: repalette
The Blind Archer / Dei: original Axe and Handaxe anim
PrincessKilvas, Spud, Blue Druid: original Bow anim

I hope I didn’t forget anybody.

[details=Greenteas Hurricane]I simply wrote the script for it for him.


That’s all for the moment. I hope you enjoy what I did xD

PS: I reuploaded my Great Lord Ephraim animation. So the link should work again.


might have that actually, hold on
wait the current link is fine; i just tested it O_o


Well i didn’t mean the link, i mean the file itself. When i download and import it via febuilder, only the staff animations works, the magic one had an error or something like that


Oh that I don’t know anything about
On SF it says something about the staff being the only working part

So you’ll have to wait for a reply from either of them, probably @Brendor since he scripted it


Made an Innes-er sniper. An Innesniper, if you will. (And even if you won’t.)



Soldier with swords
A little project I made because I was bored


This is just what I was looking for! Thank you!


I can’t edit the first post so here’s my animation :

Saint (map sprite include)


Damn it looks gorgeous, can i use it for “research purposes”?