Animation Directory (Finished products ONLY)


hmm I didn’t know that Buildfiles require these.
Since FEditor is unable to handle the animation because of the OAM, the only option I can offer is to export it via FEBuilder.
It seems to work for me.


FEBuilder’s export function has been fixed recently to allow the FEditor format exports to actually function as FEditor files.
So yeah, that will work with buildfiles.


That’s good to know, though I doubt anyone will be taking the time to go back and redo all the animations in the repo to work with the new export function. Still, for future animations it will be handy.


Some of them are already done in the new format. As for others, well it’s up to the individual to reexport them if they want to use them.


Uh… The Pirate Recolor + Smoothing has been 404’d


There’s always the animation repository which is always up to date with no 404’s.


Since I didn’t post it here till now I’ll catch up on this now.

Here is my take on a alternative to the mounted (and imo boring) great Lord Ephraim.



Credit: Nuramon

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.



That sideways axe swipe is Good.


Thanks Vilk
I’m quite pleased with it myself although it took me a fair amount of time to figure out how to do it properly xD


Yo, what should I do to the text? explain pls…


That depends on which program you use.
Do you use FEditor adv or FEBuilderGBA?


I found an easy fix, You have inserted your animation with febuilder, if you dont want to make a whole script for a feditor compatible one, you just dump it with feditor, it works just fine.


How do I insert the magic animation cuz Hector is an axe and sword wielding char.


You need to add an new entry to Hector where you can put the magic animation. For this task you need Nightmare or again FEBuilderGBA (which is much easier to handle and it’s also quite self-explanatory)

Yes that is an option although I would be careful. FEditor is infamous for not being able to handle some custom animations correctly.


I forgot to put this animation here, i made a portable Idoun for FE7 and FE8
Here is the showcase
And here is the Download Link:

Of course has some issues, but it has a lot of advantages, is portable without knowing anything on ASM, it does not use background so if a spell or another battle animation uses backgrounds too it won´t collide, also, you can edit the pallete effectively, instead of just the head, and finally the player can control the class without just seeing a crazy flying head.


And at last, i made Fomortiis portable…even if FE8 is the main thing now, you can use this one for FE6 and FE8, it does not perform as good as the original, of course, but has a lot of advantages over it. Like not clashing with certain spells, and not breaking your game with ASM nobody has found yet, also, it can battle with the other final bosses now
Here is the video
And here is the download link, don’t forget to give credit!

The professor Layton Bishop Edit


Um, this may be a silly question, but what type of file is the Hoodless Shaman supposed to be? FEBuilderGBA says it can’t read the file type in the dropbox download once I extract it.


Mmmm, some old animations don’t share the original script, only the extensionless file for feditor importing, you could try feditor…In a clean rom, and then dump it with the script, that is a way


Maybe my FEditor isn’t up to date, but it won’t load them, either. I did, however, get a copy of it that works with FEBuilderGBA from the Animation Repositories thread.