Animation Directory (Finished products ONLY)


Can i Modify it or use some Frames dear arch?


I’m 100% cool with it, but you should get in touch with SquareRootOfPi since he is the artist who made the animation.


Here’s a sword wielding fighter. Just a reskin I needed because of Reasons™, but it’s (hopefully) functional. Comes with Hector’s sword, as well as a more generic looking one.

And this thing, because I have no idea what I’m doing.

And a Lyn with axes. Package includes normal and hand axe versions for both base and promoted classes. Again, based on existing animations. (Edit: Re-uploaded - fixed the hand on the unpromoted hand axe stance.)

Edit: here are the map sprites. MorthThePronceOfAlteo helped out with these.

And because someone asked for it, this replaces Hector’s crit with a punch, because that seemed like a Hector thing to do. This is how it looks in action (linked for flashing and size).


So I wanted to share a fix I made for the Dancer when using magic in FE8. Usually, the dancer freezes the game when they can double an enemy, but now I think I’ve fixed it.

Nevermind, still need to make changes.


I inserted Genocike’s bow cavalier animation and the game always freezes once someone attacks her at close range.
Does anyone else have that problem?


Link for my true vanguard animtion -
Basically vanguard but with axes like they’re supposed to have.
Video showcase -
Credit to primefusion and flyingace24, obviously
EDIT: Fixed the sloppy scripting.


Here’s the “FE5-style Generic Archer”: an Archer wearing the armour of a Soldier.
Includes map animations for infantry and the normal ballista.


What are the odds you might someday do a Lyn with Armads animation?


Hello all! I come bearing gifts in the form of animations. I’ve had these up on SF and I’ve posted them on the Discord, but I realized I hadn’t posted them here yet. So here they are. I’ve got animations for Joshua with his hat as a Myrm

and as a Swordmaster.

Here’s a link to both of those.

Plus I’ve got an animation for a Bow Assassin.


I have worked on an animation similar to the Thief class from FE11/12, adapted to FEGBA style, and with some differences. Could be useful for a unique class, unique character animation, or Thief/Rogue replacement. :smiley:

Thanks to Eliwan, Tsushi, SDk9, Peerless, and Zane for help in helping me make the script and for revision of each frame.
Thanks to 7743 as well for pointing out a big problem, and for making FEGBABuilder to import this for testing purposes.
Hextator for the “Command 0x01” Patch, included in FEGBABuilder.
Especially, thanks to a lot of people of FEUniverse for supporting and aiding me as well!

Download here!


Stand Name: Cry For Help
Stand Master: Jaffar

(Includes all of the Assassin assets minus vanilla crit.)
Download here!

EDIT: Updated link with the fixed last frames of the critical hit.


Here’s an edit of SD9k’s bow assassin. I combined his animation and Keks_Krabs’s hoodless version and this is the result.
Hoodless Bow Assassin:


100% confirmed for Dorcas Emblem 3.0

uh I mean

It’s never going to happen

uhhh maybe, but not until I finish giving generals rocket punches and chest blasters.

1000% approval.


Nice! I want to integrate axes for lyn’s class, would be pretty cool but I’d want Armads animations so Lyn has the unique animations for sealed sword, durandal, sol katti, and armads.


How would you feel about making a female version of your Bow Assassin?


Here’s an animation for Heroes using Lances. Only for male “armour” heroes right now, I may do this for female heroes some other time.
FEBuilder may give an error saying the animation is too big when you import it, but it should be safe to ignore this (I got it to work enough to make a video of it at least)
Video: (slightly outdated sound, it doesn’t click during the return jump anymore)


Here is a FE6 male sage that Isn’t broken.


Hello, it’s me again. This time I have a fix for the “Hero with Armor Coat” handaxe animation. The current one is a complete mess that doesn’t work right.
Here’s what my fix looks like:

Can be downloaded here.


Hello there I made the missing handaxe animation for the Hawkzerker.
You can download it there

Heres a gif

Credit to The Blind Archer for the original and me for the handaxe


Sorry if the video quality is crap. I had to do something before heading to school.

Sol Katti Ranged Animation (Counts as a fix of sorts?)


UPDATE: Fixed an issue with the animation. Now it plays swing sounds.