Animation Directory (Finished products ONLY)


Thanks Klok


Because of repeated issues with this subject,

<url="">I’ve reuploaded all of the animations that I personally have to a google drive folder.

Just in case for whatever reason that url tag doesn’t work:


I just added the Dracco Zombie and The enemy mamkute FE7 COMPATIBLE. In the manaketes section, check it out :smiley:


Hello Guys, just adding a New animation. Ninian and Nils Ice Dragon for Fire Emblem Blazing Sword. You can use them on your hack if you give credit. Enjoy

Ninian: Ninian Ice Dragon

I will link the preview in the OP


Hi guys. New animation, i made this a while ago, i was intending to help the fire shell, but now its frozen…So i will post it Now. Its a femlale Monk, or as arch wanted to name it is an acolye. Preview in the OP


Nice work!


Thanks Klok, im glad you like it :smiley:


New animation. Long Haired Sage. Should work for the three games. I made this thinking in Lucius and Pent

Here is the Link


It looks great but you fucked up the positioning of a lot of the frames. Why not just use FEditor’s frame rip function and paste the hair over those?


I know, but the Frame rip fucks up the palletes uwu


you can reorganise them yourself…


So, I said I’d release this when The Road to Ruin was released
Well, TRTR is done, so here you go:

Ike - Radiant Dawn

Credit: Flyingace24, Primefusion

Map sprites are included. Cheers


Awesome men thank you so much


The Road to Ruin is done

never dead, always underground eh?


That’s it? You just leap out of the bushes after fifty years of development, mumble “Oh yeah I finished my hack. Well, here’s a link I guess.” and then just slouch away?

Nani the fuck?! You think you can just pull this little stunt and not get any publicity, not get called out for randomly being the second finished full-custom feature-length hack in existence, and not get senpai to notice you?!

That’s it, we’re through, I’ll play this because fuck you, you can’t fool me. You piece of garbage. You thought you could slip this past, but I’m onto your womanly tricks. Next thing you know, Elibian Nights will be finished and nobody will know either!


OK guys, I went through the animation directory and fixed all of my broken links. Unfortunately, there are other broken links that I cannot fix because I do not have the animations. If anyone randomly happens to have them or if the creators are still around, it would be good to get these all fixed ASAP.

If anyone can help fix the broken pictures as well, that would be greatly appreciated.


Mage (F) ponytail Version 2 w/ Lilina’s dress - @Lisandra_brave
Long hair female mage animation tweak - @Lisandra_brave
Micaiah FE8 Mage Knight SFX - cipher_lee
Sister FE8 Mage Knight SFX - oracle_of_fire
Archsage for FE8 - @Blademaster
FE6 Sage (M) for FE7/8 - @Blademaster
Nino Sage for FE8 - @Blademaster
Great Knight Palette Modification - @Dancer_A


A lot of them you can find in here. Some I don’t have either though, sadly.

Also, the FE8 ports with unknown authors were done by Blademaster IIRC.


brb raiding SF’s directory


Double-post. Oh well.

Anyways, I’ve fixed the vast majority of the broken links! The directory should be functional again. Anything with a known broken link has been designated as such in the directory posts (7 in total) and I will fix them as soon as I can get my hands on the animation packages. If you find any other broken links, please report them so that the issue can be resolved.

Also, with Pi’s permission I’ve decided that it’s time to release the Ice Dragon animation from EN. It has been added to the directory.

RAWR! GBA earth and mage dragon animations :soon:?


Added fe8 dancer w/ swords and female ephraim lord