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thanks alot :slight_smile: iirc its it was in of these reskin FE hack. Gonna check credit there.

@2WB – maybe anyone can really answer it… but… is there a tutorial where … someone create a bunch of sprite (edit) … and compress them into the game… (not into a gif)


Look up sprite insertion with Feditor


Isn’t there a way to insert animations with EA nowadays?

Not that I know how, but it’s worth noting.


There is, see the Sacred Buildfiles for a template


What’s with the face… or is it someone behind the hood.

I love that weapon…(feels suited for Lance)
By any chance do you have this weapon with the regular wyvern user… if not its fine :slight_smile:

@ukulelej — yeah got it working… I think (via the animation creator where you put throwable sprite)


Eh, I do now. Feel free to use anything I’ve posted on Serene’s here, too.


Welcome my friend is good to have you here


Oh hey! Welcome to FEU master race
Nice to have you here.


The hood casts a shadow over the rider’s face; obscuring it, if that helps.
Also I don’t, sorry.


@circleseverywhere, your Fae link is broken


Will fix later thanks for the heads up




Have had this on le forest for a while but never thought to post it here.

A generic sword user, or a squire.



Hey there, I edited the female mage animation, giving her long hair.

Long Haired F_Mage


A couple small animation requests, if anyone wants to bother: Eirika T2 with magic (To match her T1 counterpart) and Dark Druid with Staff, if possible.


Fixed Fae and Myrrh for FE7 anims


Do we have an animation for Kinshi Knight or a non-wyvern flier with bows?

Asking for a friend.


Staff of Ages is planning on Kinshi Knights, but nothing has come of that yet. I’ve been meaning to try my hand at it, but haven’t found the time. If anyone wants to collaborate to make one, I’d be happy to help. I was planning retooling the Fae sprite to look more like a bird, since I suck at making a new sprite from scratch.


I was thinking of using the Wyvern Knight sprite as a base and birdifying it up, fwiw.


Merc and soldier links updated. Other peeps using Dropbox, be sure to check your links; they may have broken since the Dropbox update this month.