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Thought I would try out the Female Cavalier (with bows) animation, but
whenever I indirect attack, it causes this to happen:

Does anyone else get this or is it just me?


This is caused because the female is far stronger than the male. When she fires the arrow, it hits with such force the enemy is erased from existence.

That, or maybe someone didn’t format the bow animation properly. Does it happen to other enemies, just the fighter, long range or just short range, etc?


It seems to do that for all vanilla animations for enemies(custom animations[itself and female brigand seemed fine]). However, when the enemy attacks with the female cavalier(with bow), no issues arise whatsoever. I only tested long-range, not short. Healing causes no weird glitches. When it misses, the enemy’s frame also changes as if it were dodging(dodging animation does not necessarily play), then reverts to whatever it was.


Did you paste this animation at the end of the animations, or did you replace an animation with it?


Are you using modes 5/6? Bow animations are technically spell animations because the arrow that gets shot is its own individual sprite.


Klokinator: Replace an animation with it.
Alusq: Am I using modes 5/6? I do not know. I did not make/script the animation, unless that refers to something else.


Epic animation


Try pasting and repointing the animation at the end of the list. When you paste an animation over another one in FEditor, it occasionally goes to shit. Slapping it at the end might fix the issue. If not, it’s probably a literal animation error.


FEditor Slightly Less Stupid Edition fixes the animation going to shit issue.

Not sure if that’s the problem here, though.


Oh, whoops. Not sure why I assumed you did.

@Dеllhonne thanks!


Originally made for Midnight Sun but with the cancellation of the project might as well make it public.

Comes with lance and magic animations but feel free to edit in order to add more weapons.


Credit: Blue Druid (Script, Animation), Alfred Kamon (concept, commissioner)

Videos yay


wait what the fuck did I miss



Also there are map sprites and a class card for the animation made by L95 but idk how she’d feel if I just posted them without permission.
They’re in the SF Midnight Sun thread somewhere


More of a request, anyone have an Eirika Lord that uses staves. I want to make Eirika more like Raquesis from Geneology Of the Holy War. Thanks to those that reply?


Personally I’d like an Eirika T1 with magic, so a T1 Eirika with magic/staves and a T2/staves would be a good addition for those of us that want to make her class more magic focused.


This exists, I just don’t remember where I’ve seen it. Check the Serenes directory.


I know it exists… but… Female hair Assassin (For Marisa or ponytail)

Maybe its the wrong place… but if one want to make small changes to an animation… IE: Add an axe or like the F!Assassin — Do I have to change all the frames… or which one specifically.

Sidenote: Some hacks have neat animation… we should probably make a montage of all the animations… (though … too early to said)


All the frames to be exactly the way you want them to be in the end. :X


I don’t know who the original source is, I think it’s Klok, but I downloaded F!Assassin a while ago. I can’t find the original link, so here.