Animation Directory (Finished products ONLY)


Do you plan on making the bow?


Bitchin! Do you have magic sword and javelin animations to show too?


And my axe!

But seriously, axe skelly too plz.


Added a recolor of the recruit that looks more like Amelia’s portrait and art.


You gotta post a reply or something when you add an animation man (Hector with Swords was added)


…Knew I was forgetting something. I should also note that map sprites are included.


I added my soldier anim, which is suitable for playable soldiers and generally less janky than the vanilla one. Map sprites are included.


I have some animations that I planned to release when MoD finished, but things got in the way, but still.

Female Fighter (W/ Long Hair Variant)

Female Warrior

Female Halberdier 2.0

Combat Bard (Elphin)

Female Rogue
No gif yet

Credits are to Black Mage, Temp and Eliwan. You’re not required to ask permission for them, though of course, it’d be dickish to claim you made them.


I love every single one of these.


Are you cool with me putting these on SF too? I’m sort of the steward of the animation topic over there.


I mean if you would be willing to rehost them rather than linking to my drop box directly due to limited data, then of course. So long as the artists and scripters are credited.


Thanks so much for finally posting these <3


This is incredible.

Fucking incredible, a certain memer might say.


The femFighter/Warrior and Combat Bard… love them.


Added a magic and staff animation based on the Gaiden sage animation. Has two versions, one with a cape flutter at the end and one without the flutter.


Armoured merc is up. I expect to be seeing mercs with technicolour pink swords by the morrow!


is it off centered? the dodge frame in the image looks off


No; the dodge dodges toward the background.


Makes sense for the Merc to be armored, given the promo to Hero.

(Female version?)