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Oh god is the horse going to do the brigand scream? That would be a whole new level of hilarity!


A goat class without a brigand would be cool, too. It’d be great to replace all brigands with goats, having them rampage down from the mountains.


Team Midnight is actually in the process of creating a bear-riding brigand that can traverse mountains, btw.
I’ve been thinking about that concept for years now, it seemed really refreshing, hehe.
It’s still uncertain if they’ll be able to attack with the bear as well, though (via claws or fangs monster weapons).


Well it turns out I can’t draw a goat for shit, tried to splice a different head on to the animation I made and it just looked terrible. Goat rider hype might have to chill. Anyone is welcome to edit anything I’ve posted though if you happen to have epic goat spriting skills and feel like messing with it.


The way I see it, being mounted is a trade-off. He doesn’t need to traverse peaks. Let’s assume a Brigand gets a split promotion choice of Berserker or whatever someone calls the Mounted class:

Berserker: 6 move, crit bonus, can walk on water and peaks
Mounted: 8 move, access to bows, different caps.

You’re trading out the berserker bonuses for the extra move and weapon versatility. Now obviously anyone using it is free to alter stats as they see fit. Walking on water or peaks is very situational depending on the map but you can use 8 move on any map you want. It comes down to what you want on your team. Since Berserker can be promoted into from Pirate, maybe you want to go for the mounted axe/bow user unique to Brigand instead?


I’d make it unique to Brigand for sure. I like the idea of a mount that has more movement but can’t travel on mountains, maybe I’d make them able to traverse rivers though, since they are on a horse and horses can swim pretty well.


So adding just a few more frames and a long enough delay for the scream in the bow animation was giving me an OAM overflow so it looks like he will only scream before he slashes people in the face with his axe. I think I’m going to move on to other stuff now, but again if anyone wants to add it in themselves by all means, go for it.


I’d make them the only mounted class that can traverse mountains. They have special brigand horses or something idk


Kinda like how the Nomad’s horses can traverse forests no problem. (At least I think they can)


Hey man, you have the Rogue with Staves download link locked behind a request access barrier. You need to add that to your public folder or put it in an external DL link.


Will do, sorry.


Err, I see the link is different but wtf did I just download? There’s supposed to be image files or a zip file, right?


God dammit, there should be a txt file and the individual frames in there as well.

Edit: There, I think it should be fine, it’s not a zip file but everything should be there, I really hope so because I’m going to be away from my computer for the next two weeks.


Monk Palette mod with Female Monk and Staves


  • Female monk magic animation
  • Female monk staff animation
  • Palette revision of the monk animation (magic & staff animations)
  • map sprite for female monk
  • A FE Recolor sheet
  • generic palettes

Would it be better if I separated the male and female animations into separate packages?


I reckon theyre fine as one


Yours looks better than mine…Now i really hate you…
Just Kidding great JOB! :smiley:


Monks with staves, huh?

I’ll have to add this somehow.


Promoted Skeletons

I’ve made an animation for promoted skeletons.
It includes the spear, sword, and disarmed animations


got a video or gif of that? im really interested in seeing this