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I have another set of Troubadour recolors to submit. The archive includes both Ponytail (FE6) and Longhaired (custom) variants.

Click here for the download.

The recolor works with characters of both light and dark skintones, though darker skintones will probably need to use a darker colored horse due to sharing a single color with the rider’s skintone. It also makes the shoulder armor the sprite has more visible and can be colored in any way you want.


That’s awesome, congrats! :smiley:
What about a long-haired peg knight?


As it turns out, the rider on the vanilla peg knight sprites actually does have long hair, or at least shoulder-length hair. It’s usually obscured by the rider’s spear arm or the pegasus’s wing but looking at the frames it is there.

I might try and work on a Knight recolor next because the Knight has at least 2, maybe 3 unused colors in its palette and those colors could do wonders in allowing better coloration on the Knight. Currently, I feel like the Knight is one of the hardest animations to give a decent custom palette to due to the way it’s sprited.


I finished up that Knight recolor:

Click here for the download.

It now takes advantage of all of the colors in the palette and reorganizes them so that you have a little bit more freedom when coloring a knight. The package includes only Lance and Unarmed animations because I’ve only recolored what I’ve needed for Awful Emblem so far. I might look into doing sword/axe/bow at a later time. Enjoy!


Thank you. The normal pallete is impossible to work with. If it’s alright with you I’ll try my hand at putting the pallete edit into the axe armor in the directory.


Sure thing, go right ahead! If it helps, the big changes I made were that the spear shaft uses the two unused colors in the palette, and the helmet and gauntlets now match the armor color. The trim color is left purely as trim and not used in any other place with the exception of the kneepads that you can see in a couple moving frames. Just follow along with the frames I included in the package and you’ll surely be able to make a recolor along their lines.


I remade the Troubadour so that it works under the same palette as my dark knight

Includes generic palettes and stave, sword, and disarmed animations
Also compatible with Sniper, Sage, and Swordmaster palettes


@Blademaster @Primefusion @Dancer_A
Any animators want to help with with our forum hack? We need a few animations but realized we don’t have enough animators…

(Also you should all frequent the Discord)




lol I’m no animator. All I’ve done is put an axe on a cav

Happy 2nd Birthday, FEU!

i am an animation scripter, not an animator
so idk if I can help much


In 2002 hacking terms, you’re like a god of spriting or something.


Finally off school for the summer so I’m going to start playing around with hacking again. Made these a while back and figured I should upload them.

Bow animation for transporter/Merlinus:

Its pretty simple, but it works and I like it.

Berzerker Edit/Heavy Sword User:

Started out trying to make some kind of custom, armored infantry unit with a big ass sword but I bailed on that and ended up with an armored berzerker sword edit. Not sure what this could be used for, but I figured I’d share it anyway.


Elder Bael Fix

This fix gives the bael spider a ranged animation and generic palettes


The Berserker animation looks pretty silly but that Merlinus is no joke.

“Hey look, some old guy in an unprotected wagon! This’ll be a cinch!”
“Aye there sonny, let me give you a present! AN ARROW IN THE KNEE!”


i love bael animations.
I’m stoked to use this!


Yeah, I feel like the crit on the berserker should be accompanied by the space jam theme


Holy cow we’ve lost those precious animations from the last few weeks D:


anything you know that’s missing let me know; i dl’d a bunch of them before all of this occured


Hmmmh those zombies using magic?