Anima Triangle breaking Valter and Seth's fight

during the seth vs valter event, the game stalls before the fight would initiate emulator

also if I try to skip pass it the game gets a black screen

okay I found out its linked to the anima triangle patch, but I dont know how to fix it other than to not use it

Is the author me? This kind of ASM issue should go in the ASM thread of the author as long as you’re fairly certain that their patch is the cause of your issue.

Also this issue being caused by the anima triangle seems unlikely (as long as it’s installed correctly). From my experience, this kind of thing can have various causes. If you’ve changed their classes without changing their inventories, it is likely one of them does not have a usable weapon.

In the future, please give much more information with your questions. Who’s ASM patch is it? What all have you done to the ROM? Why do you suspect this is why it is breaking? How are you installing the patch (show how you are)?

I know its the cause because I tested right before I installed it and it was fine, but right after adding the patch it broke.

the author is indeed you. Its being installed through FEBuilder.

Send me a patch through DMs, and I’ll take a quick look for you.

the anima triangle patch or the patch for what im working on

A ups patch of your ROM.

Interesting. You’ve patched something that conflicts with Anima Triangle.

Beautiful arrow.
What other patches have you applied?

all the patches I have


Please send report7z.

Ah I bet it’s the tri-adept skill. It tries to hook to the same place as Anima Triangle. I didn’t know you were using the skill system.

I see.
This is in conflict with Skillsystems.
I set the CONFLICT flag so that can not install at the same time.

Do you fix Anima Triangle compatible with SkillSystems?
If you make a fix, I update the version of FEBuilderGBA.

Yes in the very near future (I know I’ve been saying this for a while), I’m going to make all of my things compatible/integrated with the skill system.