An ordinary introduction

Hello, my fellow FE fans. My name is Plasma (tho you can call me David, if you want). I’ve been lurking in the shadows for almost 3 years and I finally decided to make an account. I try to hack GBA games and stuff, so I’ve created a lot of things and I’ll make a topic for them later on.

As for my tastes, my favorite games are Persona, Fire Emblem (obviously) and Ace Attorney. I’m a huge JoJofag and I’ve been into Yu-Gi-Oh for quite a while (I’m a proud Destiny HERO user).

Fun facts:

  • I’m Brazilian, but I don’t like samba, soccer or carnaval
  • I aspire to become a game director
  • I’m a shitposter by nature

Well… That’s it. I hope I can be useful for everyone and I hope that we become friends. :sunglasses::+1:


Welcome to FEU!


Welcome to FEUniverse!

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JoJo? YGO?

You might like my hacks when they come out.

Welcome, and hope to see you around.

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