An introductory post

Hello, FEU. I’ve been kind of lurking here for a while, but lately I decided to become an official member of the community as I get more into hacking. I remember trying my hand many years ago, but it never went anywhere really.

Lately I’ve been doing a hack of FE8 that has been coming along nicely. While I won’t say that it is anything revolutionary or groundbreaking, I do think it’s unique in the story I want to tell. Basically it’s a story told from the perspective of a bandit gang that initially want to take advantage of the upheaval caused by the war between Grado and the rest of Magvel.

Anyway, I plan to make a thread about it with screens of what I’ve done so far, but that’s just a little about me. I’m going to be an active member here.


Happy to have ya!

Welcome to FEU, MetalBlack! Your hack sounds interesting, as very few hacks take place in Magvel. Good luck with it!

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