I’m planning to make an FE7 PME. Any suggestions as to the changes?
So far:
Eliwood and Elbert swap places.
Pent and Louise are replaced by two OCs, Matthew and Melina.
Mag=Res patch has been applied.
Marcus is now a Bishop with A Staves, Serra is now a Paladin with Marcus’s bases.
Now, what other changes can be suggested? I’ve got Ballista Wolt and some Infinity Stones lying around, also a Tri Attack spell animation.

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Lyn promotes into Brave Lyn. Also Replace Raven to a female mercenary (a recolored Echidna would be nice)

  • 3-10 range short bows.
  • Rebecca is now a Level 1 Warrior, all of her growths are reduced by 15%. Everything else about her remains unchanged.
  • Bool, Lundgren, Wire, Boies, Bauker, Bernard and Darin now all have Yogi’s name, portrait, battle/death quotes and have a sole Axereaver for their inventory.
    (With the exception of the endgame chapter where his inventory’s untouched.)
  • Axereavers now have 1-2 range.
  • The Rex Hasta is now named ‘Rexreaver’, is a reaver weapon and has 1-2 range.
  • Knights and Generals now have flying movement.
  • The Black Fang is now the Brown Fang.
  • Guy is now named ‘Man’. He is now a Pegasus Knight with +4 HP, +3 Strength and + 5 Con, along with a 200% HP growth and a 100% Strength growth. Unfortunately, all of his other stats and growths are reduced by 2 points and 10% respectively. His Killing Edge is replaced with an Axereaver.
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-Give bows 2-3 range

-Increase movement of all classes by 1 like your FE8 PME

-Since you have an OC named Matthew, make the original Matthew into Barth, give him his FE6 stats (including 2% res growth)

-Swap Batta and the fire dragon’s spots, keep the stats of the replaced characters for both, give the fire dragon a red version of Idun’s portrait

-Add a new playable character called Soldier in the first chapter, make him a soldier that promotes to halberdier, has soldier’s bases but 100% growths in all stats, uses red enemy soldier portrait

-Promote all enemies from chapter 20 onwards

-Use a randomizer to give enemies +30% growths

-Make earth seals the only promotion item

  • Every generic enemy in Living Legend uses the unit ID of Bug (one of those random brigand bosses from Lyn’s story). Nothing else is changed about them.
  • Cameron, the red paladin guy in Dragon’s Gate, is changed. He’s now a Sage with Elfire and Berserk, with the weapon ranks to use those. He also gets +10 base HP.
  • Swap the movement of Generals and Knights. So, Knights have 5 movement (or 6, given that all classes got a movement boost earlier), but Generals are 1 less than that.
  • Fliers moving over mountains costs 2 movement points, not 1.

Erk is now Ness from EarthBound. He has a personal tome called PK Fire. His dialogue should mostly conist of “PK Fire” and “Okey.” His statline should focus mostly on Mag and Lck.
I’ve posted this Ness mug in my topic, but I’m just putting it here for convenience.

  • Dorcas’ Growths are 100 for HP, ATK, SKL. 0 for everything else. He also has a base of 25 CON
  • Nergal is now also Dorcas
  • All poison weapons are renamed “Mutton”
  • Canas’ stats and growths are identical to Seth’s
  • Canas’ ending is:
    “After the war, Canas fucking died.”
  • Replace Heath with Denning, keep Heath’s stats and growths. Make all of Heath’s lines Denning’s famous catchphrase.
  • Replace Bartre With Gonzales from fe 6
  • Give Wil Hector’s Growth rates
  • Make Wallace a Troubadour and start with a Mend
  • Switch Nino and Viada around in the story and recruitment
  • Make Oswin a level 1 General and give him Rank C in axes (Starts with hand axe instead of a javelin)
  • Switch the bosses Oleg and Batta
  • Change the Name of Elixir to Vodka
  • Make Earth Seals the only promotion item
  • Replace Marcus’s portrait with his older fe6 portrait
  • Lowen is now a thief and uses the portrait below
  • Rebecca is now Niemi from fe8 in everyway(growths,portrait,pallettes, and base stats,description)

All swords are now 2 range only.
The slim sword now has 0 might, 150 hit and 50 crit.
Durandal is 60 might, 80 hit, and 20 crit but locked to Karla and has 20 weight.
Also all of karlas stats are reduced by 5 and all her growths are reduced by 20.
All lances are 1-3 range but have might reduced by 5 and hit reduced by 30.
All axes are 2-3 range.

Karel’s Binding Blade portrait replaces Karel’s Blazing Blade One.
Karel’s bases are cut in half, but has Binding Blade growth rates.
Jaffar’s mug is replaced by Moulder’s. Everything else remains the same.
Earlier theif promotion item.
Elbert starts mounted, but then loses his horse on promotion.
Heath is a prepromote.
The rapier has double might and crit, but loses the bonus against calvary and armored units, and weighs more.
There’s a Batta the Beast deadlord in the final chapter.


This has to be one of the greatest suggestions on this thread

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